How Asian Brands Can Best
Navigate 2022:
A Discovery Conversation with the
CEO of SaladStop! Group



10 February 2022


3PM (GMT+8)


Adrien Desbaillets

Chief Executive

SaladStop! Group


Yih Cheng Yak

Head of Consulting, Marketing Technology



Paritosh Tripathi

Technology Director, Marketing Technology


Explore how you can bolster your Digital Marketing Strategy to grow your business in 2022. 

With every new year, business owners and marketers are pressured to hit higher targets and expand their business.

But competition is tough – customers are more fragmented than ever and the expectation for brands to deliver a seamless customer experience force brands to innovate and adopt more effective digital marketing strategies to stay ahead in the game.

By leveraging your available customer data and unlocking the right marketing technology (MarTech) stack, you could discover new opportunities, make more accurate business decisions, and personalise your customer experience to take your business further.

Join us at this event to learn how we can help your business do just that.

In this session, we’ll be speaking to the CEO of SaladStop! Group, Adrien Desbaillets, on how the Singapore-based company overcame the challenges of running a retail business during the COVID-19 pandemic. SaladStop! Group’s successful digital transformation helped them acquire new customers and even secured a $12M funding in the process.

SaladStop! Group also recently won Swisscham’s ASEAN Digital Transformation Award 2021 in the Business to Consumer (B2C) subcategory.

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