Case Study

Hassle-Free Sampling and Feedback Gathering for a Leading Detergent Brand

The Objective

To promote a newly launched detergent variant and to gather customer reviews on the product.

The ADA Approach

Sampling exercises aren’t always easy, especially if your product cannot be used on the spot. It can be even more difficult when it may be impossible to have a physical presence to meet potential customers.

Thankfully, we derived a mechanism where the client was able to conduct a nation-wide sampling exercise with absolutely no physical presence or set-up involved. Here’s how we did it.

  1. Interested customers had to provide their details for sample delivery by performing a ‘missed call’ action to a dedicated number.
  2. Product samples were sent to interested customers.
  3. Customer feedback was received within a few days of sample delivery via USSD.
  4. Customer feedback and reviews were then shared with the client.

In order to ensure maximum conversion and reach, a custom audience was created to target mothers and married women. The campaign was also conducted in Sinhala language to ensure maximum relevance and resonance with the target audience.

The Outcome

Over 50,000 samples

distributed in 2 months

Over 14,000 reviews

of the product gathered in 2 months