Case Study

Getting Mobile Gamers to Press ‘Play’ on SVOD | Indonesia

Tasked with acquiring new streaming video users at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, ADA delivered a CTR that exceeded historical benchmarks by over 4x .

The Opportunities

Like many countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia was forced into a lockdown (known locally as PPKM Darurat) to curb the spread of COVID-19 during mid-2021.

The pandemic meant stuck-at-home Indonesians had plenty of time to spare since the pandemic began, and demand for online entertainment such as content streaming and mobile gaming was through the roof.  

With the PPKM extension in place, it was an opportune moment for one of the country’s most popular subscription video on demand (SVOD) players to strike.

They wanted to keep Indonesians entertained at home with a broad range of content including Hollywood movies and series, sports, and kids programmes, and turned to ADA to create a digital campaign to entice new users with a free subscription offer.

Translating Insights Into Strategy

Rather than casting the net far and wide, we relied on user behaviour insights from ADA’s proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), XACT, to craft a targeted approach. 

The Product

The OTT platform offers a broad range of content with something for everyone, so we couldn’t single out a specific group.

The only qualifying factor was that the target market needed to be digitally savvy to consider an SVOD service.

The Insight

We found that a huge chunk of digitally-savvy and actively engaged users in Indonesia are mobile gamers. After all, mobile gaming in Indonesia had seen an exponential growth since the pandemic.

 According to the latest data on Indonesia from Statista:

● Indonesia is among the “Big Six”mobile gaming markets in Southeast Asia.

● 46% started mobile gaming due to the pandemic.

● 80% play once to several times a day, and more than half of them have over 7 games installed.

62% remembered the ads they were served while playing mobile games (because the ads fit their interests, were immersive, or provided in-game rewards).

  • 24% spend an hour gaming, while the average mobile gamer spends 11 to 20 minutes of ‘snack sized’ playtime per session.

The Strategy

With a strong base of mobile gamers in the market, our game plan was to run interstitial ads exclusively on mobile gaming apps – with the help of our partner, mCanvas.

That way, we would be interacting with engaged users who were more likely to seek out different sources of entertainment to fill their time during the lockdown.

To find the right gaming apps, we leveraged on XACT to outline an extensive list of the most downloaded and played mobile games for the campaign. 


The campaign ran for one week, with our targeted strategy leading to the following results: 

7 million

unique impression



which is over 4x more than our average CTR in past campaigns



2x above our industry benchmark

 The success of this campaign demonstrates the value of ADA’s data-first approach to deliver impactful business value for clients.