Case Study

Fitne collaborates with Pleng music app to reach 2.3 million customers

The Objective

Fitne, a health beverage popular with young adults aims to be the leading lifestyle beverage brand in Cambodia. To drive awareness for the launch of their new product amongst the youth segment in Cambodia, Fitne partnered with Pleng, a music app that is popular with the target audience.

The ADA Approach

Fitne’s popularity was mainly acquired from multiple advertising spots, which contributed to the success of its household name. With the launch of a new product however, the brand needed to reach a larger group of consumers. Using data collected from Fitne and our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) XACT, our analysis indicated that the brand’s target audience were more than just health conscious youth – they were also frequent streamers of music apps. Fitne wanted to capture that segment of consumers by delivering a one-of-a-kind strategy that speaks directly to this category of consumers.  

As part of Fitne’s creative strategy, ADA implemented an innovative mobile strategy in collaboration with Cambodia’s top music app, Pleng by creating a curated playlist that could keep individuals accompanied at different times of the day. Essentially, ADA created BrandHUB that was made up of 3 Fitne-branded playlists:

  • Morning with Fitne
  • Sweat Time with Fitne 
  • Fitne & The Night

Each playlist consisted of 20+ songs that were carefully chosen to compliment consumer’s consumption habits and as a result, Fitne’s creative campaign ensured a wholesome experience for its target audience.  

The Engagement


BrandHUB clicks

73k mins

streams/27 days

13k clicks

on playlists


streams/27 days

The Outcome

2.3 Million


which total up to the amount of 87k impressions daily


unique users

engaged and listened to the playlist



cost-per-view (CPV)



than 3 seconds video on Facebook