eWallet Solutions

Understand Your Customers Better with an AI-Powered Solutions Suite

Deep dive into purchase intent and eWallet utilisation by going beyond your existing data to broaden your reach with both customers and merchants.

Customer Acquisition

Analytics on customer footfall and digital behaviour to assess purchase intent and initiate the right offer at the “moment of truth”

Merchant Acquisition

Understand eWallet utilisation behaviour down to the merchant brand and outlet-level to launch campaigns that convert

Revenue Optimisation

Psychographic profiles, mobility behaviour, and platform optimisation to support eWallets in digital banking/micro-financing operations

ADA eWallet Solution Modules


Customer 360º

Get detailed customer segmentation when we merge first-party data from your eWallet app to our data management platform XACT.

eWallet Actionable Insights

Bridging telco data with online-to-offline customer behavior to discover actionable insights and increase customer acquisition:

Retail BID – Know which customers to target by understanding their behaviour at hotspot locations and online/offline usage

Merchant Insights BID³ – Track customer footfall and eWallet usage at key outlets/categories to align merchant acquisition strategies

Mobility Analytics³ – Analyse trending consumer mobility between stores to deduce future mobility behaviour in a retail location

Segments Insights Report – Deep-dive into customer segments via first-party data to map out future targeting strategies

³ Applicable for ID from Q2 2021

Mobile business insights dashboard bi tools

Predictive Modelling

Deduce tomorrow’s customers today through raw device profiles and get insights for conversion.

​Purchase intenders – Understand the behaviour, needs and motivation of specific customer segments to create lookalike conversion and predict buying activity.

Telco-Credit Scoring for Microfinancing¹ – Alternative appraisal for product/loan application approval through behavioural data modelling.

¹Applicable for MY and ID only


Spark joy with delightful customer journeys and digital touchpoints in your eWallet platform.

CX Consulting – Obtain a holistic view of your customer touchpoints to remove bottlenecks and reach your conversion goals faster

CDP/DMP Implementation – Collect and organise customer data from a wide range of sources in real time to create individualised customer profiles for better omnichannel engagement

Lead Generation – Campaigns for your eWallet to uncover new customer acquisition opportunities 

Creative Automation – Personalise ads for target customers and boost campaign performance for you and your merchants

Who is it For?

Marketing Team

To give marketing managers deeper insights into purchase intent that lead to the right offer at the “moment of truth”

Merchant Partnerships Team

To improve visibility on consumer behaviour at individual merchants and drive merchant campaigns

Risk Management Team

To enhance security and fraud prevention by facilitating digital banking onboarding and microfinancing

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