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Disrupting Giants – The Yoodo Case Study

Individual Case Study

Disrupting Giants – The Yoodo Case Study

Case Study Malaysia Telco Acquisitions

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Yoodo had recently launched as Malaysia’s first and only fully digital telco provider. The brand provides customers with the power to fully customise their mobile plan according to preference.

Up against numerous industry giants and general fatigue amongst consumers, this complicated landscape was both an opportunity and a challenge.

The ADA Difference

6 months after Yoodo launched, they needed customer signups – acquisitions. That’s where ADA came in.

ADA introduced a bold acquisition model which focused purely on outcome. We’ll absorb all the media risk, and Yoodo only pays us upon successful acquisition of users.

0% media risk, 100% partnership based.

Working together with Yoodo, and using our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) Xact, we saw more clearly what consumers wanted as unique individuals (not just what a “20-year old man from Gombak would want”). And we were able to create customised campaigns accordingly.



monthly activations


coming from our retargeting efforts


install-to-activate ratio


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