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Case Study

Disrupting Giants – The Yoodo Case Study


Established in January 2018, Yoodo is Malaysia’s first and only fully digital telco provider. The brand places the power in the consumer’s hands with fully customisable plans which allow users to adjust their data, voice, and SMS quotas according to preference. Up against numerous traditional industry giants and a general fatigue amongst consumers, this complicated landscape was both an opportunity and challenge for Yoodo. 

While Yoodo entered the arena with robust telco experience, they were also
an industry disruptor. A combination of the two gave them a unique edge – they could be as agile as they needed to be.

The ADA Approach

Six months after Yoodo launched, they needed customer signups – acquisitions. That’s where ADA came in.

0% media risk, 100% partnership

ADA introduced a bold acquisition model which focused purely on outcome all the media risk, clients only pay upon successful acquisition of users.

Target personas derived from data

Acknowledging that consumers are not just categories and numbers was the battle half-won. We knew that Yoodo wanted to target the young and urban, with a skew towards digital and lifestyle trends. But we weren’t just going to reach out to everyone who fit the general bill. Based on consumers’ digital footprints, we set out to create multiple unique audience segments that were
aligned with Yoodo’s brand identity.

Working together with Yoodo using XACT, our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), we saw clearly what consumers wanted as unique individuals (not just what a “20-year old man from Gombak would want”). Armed with data insights and analytics, we were able to create data-driven marketing campaigns.


Already an existing profile that they’d like to target, we also drilled down to the genre of games people were playing.

Tech Enthusiasts

They are digital natives, Wired readers, Android rooters. Imagine their delight when there’s finally an option to personalise their mobile plans.

Entertainment Lovers

According to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commision (MCMC) survey in 2018, close to 80% of internet users watch content online.

International Travellers

For Yoodo’s ‘Roam Like Home’ plan, we targeted frequent fliers, excluding domestic travel.

Sports Fans

Major sporting events like football and the Olympics have become an enduring cultural phenomenon, and it’s imperative that consumers are now able to watch matches anytime, anywhere.

The Solution

Armed with these insights, we saw more clearly what consumers wanted as unique individuals, and not just what a “20-year-old man from Gombak would enjoy”. We then personalised every aspect of our campaign messaging, from the visual and copy right down to the platforms and locations that the audience were hanging out in. Those gaming within their university grounds saw different versions of our ads compared to those browsing tech forums.

The Outcome


monthly activations


from retargeting efforts


install-to-activate ratio

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