Digital Marketing Transformation: A Blueprint for Marketers


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Digital Marketing Transformation: A Blueprint for Marketers

Good digital marketing is one that taps into every possible method, tool, and skill in their arsenal to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time in the right place, according to BCG. However, great digital marketing looks beyond every resource in their arsenal and is ready to transform what they have into what they need to reach, convert, resonate, and build that invaluable relationship with their consumers.

Ultimately, the goal of achieving digital marketing maturity is to garner greater returns on your effort, and this means maximising the lifetime value of customers and reaping the rewards of personalisation, which represents trillions in revenue, according to Gartner. The holy grail of marketing will be to achieve these levels of returns and efficiency on their effort. Then, why is it that so many brands have yet to achieve this? We looked at our client base as well as our data sources to uncover a specific blueprint that will be key for marketers to achieve full digital marketing maturity.

Measuring Your Digital Marketing Maturity

As marketing leaders aim to get their brands to truly connect with a digital user, they need to start with an honest assessment of where their business is on the digital marketing maturity curve.

Our research into the companies and prospects within our markets in the South and Southeast Asian region found that companies tend to fall into one of three maturity levels.

We’ve split the levels accordingly; Explorers are where most of the time is spent in establishing foundations; followed by those who are Scalers looking to perfect execution and implementation. Finally, once strong foundation have been set up and implementation is up and running smoothly, the next step is improving both your user experience and digital distribution like a Native.

Similar to findings from BCG, we found that almost 98% of businesses in the South and Southeast Asian region fall within the first two categories.

The ADA Difference

There is no one size fits all when it comes to transforming your business digitally. Each business needs to understand exactly where they are at and uncover where they need to go next.

As COVID-19 has hit the reset button on almost every facet of the business, leaders now need to take a hard look at each facet of their business and have honest conversations of what digitalisation will look like in each part of their organisation as well as what are the major roadblocks.

At ADA, we have a ready team of experts to provide businesses with an audit of your digital maturity and transformation. Contact us to find out more today.