Digital marketer harnessing marketing technology and digital marketing transformation tools to enhance banking and financial services.

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Marketing Technology & Digital Marketing Transformation Tools in Banking & Financial Services

Unleash the power of Digital Marketing Transformation in Banking & Financial Services. 

In the post-pandemic landscape, banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) brands face increasing pressure to deliver a superior customer experience via digital touch points. Digital by Design: A Handbook for Banking & Financial Services provides marketers in BFSI with industry-specific strategies to win customers’ hearts and minds through the use of data and personalisation.

This handbook contains relevant insights and frameworks for:

  • Leveraging data to segment audiences in banking
  • Understanding new digital customer personas 
  • Personalising engagement throughout the funnel 

  • Creating a seamless experience with MarTech

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Yih Cheng Yak

Head of Consulting, Marketing Technology