Detailed Price Search

ADA Digital Shelf gives users in-depth insights to help them generate ideas and strategies in creating an effective and optimal promotion for their products.

Product Price Trend Chart 

This section features a chart that shows data to understand the details of a competitor’s pricing strategy.  

Users can customise the reports they need based on these filter attributes: 

  • Select One Product 
  • Select View: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 

ADA Digital Shelf product price trend chart

Hovering over the points on the chart shows the product’s accurate retail sale price, promotional price, and promotional price per unit. 

Information included in the graph: 

  • Product Name 
  • Retail Sale Price (RSP) 
  • Promo Price 
  • Promo Price per piece/ml/gram (promo price divided by pack size) 

All insights for Detailed Price Search are available for download by clicking the button next to “Learn More.” 

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