Data-Driven Marketing: Your Growth Engine During COVID-19

Wednesday, 22nd April 2020 at 3 pm (GMT+7)

Consumer behaviour has been upended during COVID-19, but there are opportunities in some areas

ADA’s analysis of over 400,000 apps shows that consumer behaviour has changed drastically with new “crisis personas” emerging during this pandemic. Businesses are going through uncharted territory as a result.

Which industries will continue to thrive during this period? How do businesses continue to generate sales? And how should marketers adapt their strategies during the upcoming Ramadan and Lebaran seasons?

Join us as we answer these questions and more.

Don’t miss out on the topics we’ll cover:

  • COVID-19 in Indonesia: Impact and adapting to the new normal
  • Responding to Crisis: Best practices and data-driven solutions, as well as COVID-19 during Ramadan and Lebaran
  • Navigating consumer acquisition during social distancing and beyond at zero media risk


Kirill Mankovski

Managing Director,
ADA in Indonesia


Faradi Bachri

Agency Country Director,
ADA in Indonesia


Faraz Khan

Regional Head of Customer
Acquisition, ADA

Aldo Rambie

Guest speaker

Aldo Rambie

Vertical Lead, Financial Services, Telco & Automotive
Facebook Indonesia

Indonesia In Focus Webinar | Data-Driven Marketing: Your Growth Engine During COVID-19 Webinar