Digital & Data Consulting

Data is the world’s most valuable and underutilised resource

Extracting insights from big data can be daunting. We aim to provide a consultancy service that helps you get clearer insights of your customers.

Get greater business insights from your data

Our data experts are ready to deep-dive into your data and help you gain greater business insights.

Over 60% of marketing decision-makers struggled to access or integrate the data they need

Here are some of the primary challenges faced by marketers:


& Changes

Data Quality

Unable To
Crack Insights

Shift in
behaviors and expectations

Speed to market
and competitive advantage more crucial than ever

No longer traditional; empowered by
data ecosystem

Disruption is inevitable;
takes all

Digital & Data Consulting Solutions

Digital & Data Transformation Strategy

This solution aims to bring about organisational change by employing digital technology into all areas of your business.

Our consulting services will bring you closer to achieving organisational data maturity with state-of-the-art methodologies and solutions.

Executive Data & AI Training

This solution is tailored to C-suite executives and managers looking to equip themselves and their teams with the necessary knowledge on data and AI.

The executive training covers the latest industry topics so that you will be conversant in the field and be able to lead with confidence.

Our Digital & Data Transformation Strategy Offerings

Need-finding Workshop

Explore or revisit your process of discovery prior to product development and focus your features on solving genuine or untapped customer needs.

Data Audit

Improve the quality of your data, identify weaknesses within your database and ensure the data best fits your organisation through our audit capabilities.

Data Strategy Roadmap

Redefine your strategic direction to future-proof your business and digital capabilities with a plan defining initiatives and milestones to reach your goals.


Maximise the value obtained from your structured and unstructured data with actionable insights.

We employ descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to understand and reveal how we can meet your business needs.

Data Governance and Management Strategy

Improve the quality of your data, identify weaknesses within your database and ensure the data best fits your organisation through our audit capabilities.

Our Executive Data & AI Training Modules

Introduction to Big Data and AI

We demystify artificial intelligence by removing traditional biases regarding big data and AI and discovering what it really means to own big data and AI.

Aligning Business Strategy & Data Strategy

We seek to streamline organisational processes and stitch relevant data points to bring about greater efficiency.

Data and Modelling Essentials

We uncover what data you currently have and what is available to bring the best out of your digital solutions.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Data and AI

We investigate the factors leading to the downfall of businesses that attempt to extract value from technology and how to avoid them.

Developing your People, Data and AI Capability

Transform and strengthen your organisation’s culture to best fit the innovative technological solutions you plan to introduce.

Making It Real

A half-day workshop dedicate to uncover the how-to’s of developing Data and AI use cases to deliver your business KPIs.

Does this sound familiar? Our data consultants are ready to deep-dive into your specific business challenges.