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Customer Engagement, Indonesia

Breakthrough the clutter and reach your customers in Indonesia with the latest data-driven and integrated mobile marketing solutions.​​​

Our Customer Engagement Solutions helps your brand achieve desired business objectives through a 360-experience to reach your customers, engage with them, and reward them in real time.

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Januar Wismoyo

Country Director, Customer Engagement, ADA at Indonesia

Januar Wismoyo, Country Director of ADA in Indonesia (Customer Engagement)

As Country Director of Reach for ADA in Indonesia, Januar leads media, programmatic and RTB expertise with a focus on leveraging data to solve business problems.

Reach more customers

Simplified enrollment​​

Automate campaigns via an application programming interface (API) integration​.

Connect with potential customers instantly​

Advanced segmentation powered by XACT data management platform (DMP).

Elevated read and response rates​

Increase up to 98% SMS open rate and as high as 45% response rates. ​

Efficiently track results​

Reporting analytics tools, which allow you to track open rates, CTRs, offers, and redemptions in real time.

How our solutions can help your business

Bulk SMS Marketing [Application-2-Person (A2P)]​

Create personalised messages to your customers.

Fast delivery, up to 250 transactions per second to your audience.

Generate one-time password (OTP).

Targeted SMS Marketing Campaigns​

Target specific audiences via personas based on our data science capabilities and by location via SMS & MMS channels.

Person-2-Application (P2A) Messaging​

Individuals can easily interact with your business via text messaging, providing a seamless, quick and trusted route for client-business communications.

Leverage on Telco Inventory​​​

Instant rewards.

Drive traffic via location-based advertising.

Display ad placement on top websites and apps.

Higher engagement rate with your customer via unstructured supplementary service data (USSD).

Maximise efficiency with intelligent call routing.

Case Study

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Januar Wismoyo, Customer Engagement

Januar Wismoyo

Januar has over 15 years of telco experience in different functions. He started as a network management engineer in Dian Graha Elektrika for Siemens, where he performed statistical network quality analysis for several network rollout in a Telkomsel project. As the Head of Revenue Assurance and Wholesale in XL Axiata, he managed international roaming partnership and intercarrier relations, and pioneered the growth in the A2P business. While in the retail market, he was Head Mass Segment Acquisition of XL products, starter pack, and device bundling.

At ADA in Indonesia, Januar leads the Reach team, bringing value creation of various telco capabilities to benefit users and businesses. An analytics enthusiast, he is focused, and highly motivated to drive results for his clients.

Januar is passionate about growth and believes in collaboration because it helps motivate his people to bring out their best potential. Prior to ADA, he was the Senior Vice President of Revenue Management and Assurance of Indosat Ooredoo. For leisure, he enjoys playing tennis, exploring culinary creations and music-related activities.