Struggling to Acquire Customers on a Slashed Marketing Budget?

COVID-19 has affected the behaviour of the Indonesian consumer.

Many organisations are responding to this change as a business slow-down. As a Marketer, you’re under pressure to meet business targets with a reduced budget.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Indonesian consumers have merely shifted their behaviour as our data shows, by going digital.

So imagine if you understood this new digital consumer. And only had to pay for tangible outcomes from them: like credit card sign-ups, app registrations, approved loan applications and more.


pay only for


which bring revenue, such as credit card sign-ups, app registrations, approved loan applications, and more!

How ADA’s Customer Acquisition Model Works For You

With an pay-per-outcome pricing model, you get to choose the outcome — successful loan applications, purchase of a luxury vehicle, down payment of a college student’s first-year fees, app registrations, or whatever works for your business.

Agree with us on the price you’re willing to pay for this outcome, so that your digital investment gives you results.

Then leave the rest to us.

Hear About It From Our Expert

Faraz Khan, ADA’s Regional Head of Customer Acquisition, tell us more.


Deliverables agreed based on your business objectives

Cost Modelling

Perform a cost-per-acquisition audit to provide a cost-outcome proposal


Acquire customers via multi-channel campaigns (or as we like to call it: Performance Marketing on steroids)


Reporting on audience insights, creative optimisation, learnings & recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine if you started delivering results that actually meant revenue to the business, for example, a successful credit card application, personal loan approval or booking of a new home? No longer would your team be seen as a nice-to-have (especially when budgets are tight), but a true business partner.

Most agencies might operate on vanity metrics like clicks, website traffic, likes and shares. Perhaps your agency works with you on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model. But these acquisitions may not always turn into business results. Example:

Imagine you’re running a campaign to acquire customers for the launch of a new residential property. The basic idea is to get people to sign up online, where they book a time for viewing the property. Since the lifetime value (total revenue a business can reasonably expect from a single customer account) of a home purchase is a substantial amount, the marketer would often agree to a large CPA. But if you define yours as “each successful viewing” of the property, that might backfire. Because out of 200 viewings of the property, perhaps only a handful would turn into actual customers.

We serve to make your in-house performance marketing get better results and look good. We focus our effort on providing consumer insights, then enhancing and constantly adjusting the campaigns, and finally reporting back on results. Which leaves time for your in-house team to focus on better strategies, truly understanding what the consumer wants, constantly aligning campaigns and tactics with business goals.

Yes. We’re digital marketing experts and have worked with clients with varying levels of digital marketing maturity across industries like banking, insurance, telco, consumer goods and more. In Indonesia, we count Frisian Flag, Djarum, Tokopedia, Toyota as some of our clients. We can help you understand what needs to be done to make your marketing work so it delivers the results you need, in these difficult times.

Make ADA’s Customer Acquisition Model Work for Your Business

If you would like to try out our “pay-per-outcome” approach to digital advertising, feel free to get in touch with our customer acquisition expert.

Faradi Bachri

Country Director

Case Studies – How we’ve helped Indonesian brands achieve their outcomes