Conversational Chatbots_ The Future of Customer Experience


Conversational Chatbots: The Future of Customer Experience

It’s official: smartphones have become the most dominant piece of technology known to modern society. The average digital consumer now spends a whopping 76% of their daily screen time on smartphones, and what’s more, by the end of 2021, some 80% of people above 15 years of age in Southeast Asia were expected to be digital consumers, with average online spending seen at US$400 per person.

That move towards digital consumption is spurring a dramatic shift in customer expectations. Around 80% of customers believe that the experience a company provides is equally as important as the products and services it offers, while 68% said the physical and mobility barriers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have raised their expectations of a brand’s digital capabilities.

To turn up the customer experience (CX), brands are leveraging conversational chatbots via over-the-top (OTT) messaging apps that can provide always-on, 24/7 engagement. The benefits of using chatbots for customer communications are manifold:

  • Marketers can conduct sentiment analysis based on interactions with customers to know if their products are up to scratch.
  • Natural language processing technology can help chatbots serve different touch points across the customer lifecycle.
  • Brands can up-sell and cross-sell through chat commerce, leaving more complex tasks to human customer service agents.

But perhaps most crucially, OTT messaging platforms are where customers want brands to communicate with them. Some 68% of consumers prefer OTT messaging channels over picking up the phone, and 59% prefer to make purchases within messaging apps.

On top of enhancing CX, personalised customer engagement enables brands to build brand loyalty and deal with ever-greater volumes of customer support. A platform like WhatsApp caters to both small-to-medium businesses and larger brands via two products: the business app and the business API, both of which can be integrated into existing internal systems.

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, ADA works with brands to connect with customers who make up the two billion monthly active users on the messaging platform across the world.

Here’s how businesses across different verticals can utilise conversational chatbots:


Real-time updates on the first-to-last mile journey of a product to the customer’s delivery address is now the industry standard. In addition to customer-initiated messages, brands should send businesses-initiated messages when it comes to time-sensitive updates on delivery tracking, post-sales service, and refunds.


Digital shoppers want the process of returns, exchanges, and refunds to be simple, as well as seamless. Instead of occupying a human agent’s time with routine requests, a conversational chatbot can take on these tasks. Retailers can also use the opportunity to remind customers about abandoned carts or prompt them to consider purchasing related items.

Financial Services

Time is of the essence when it comes to financial services. Allowing chatbots to handle and resolve urgent cases, such as reporting a lost or stolen card, can reduce time-to-resolution and increase customer satisfaction. On top of answering routine queries regarding bank and loan balances, businesses can also automate sending personalised updates on things such as bills.


Using conversational chatbots to provide 24/7 support will make it easier for customers to renew and upgrade phone plans and to pay bills at their convenience. Customers experience less waiting time while telecommunications operators enjoy reduced customer support costs as well as higher customer satisfaction and retention.

As customer demands for speed and efficiency rise, it’s crucial for brands to reshape their engagement practices to keep up. The integration of conversational chatbots into the end-to-end customer journey can make a world of difference to marketing and customer care.

To learn more about how ADA helps businesses transform the customer experience, try out ADA’s WhatsApp chatbot or watch the full video from our Re.Con on-demand webinar.


The Future of CX Lies In Conversational Chatbots

Customer expectations have changed. With WhatsApp being the preferred messaging app in many countries in Asia, today’s customers expect to be able to engage and contact a business instantaneously. Discover practical use cases on how you can create automated conversational chatbots to build brand loyalty and deliver an excellent customer experience.


Louis Moynihan

Product Business Development, WhatsApp

Ramesh Kumareson

Head of Customer Engagement Solutions, ADA