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Powered by more than bits and bytes (though there are plenty of those), we provide insights into who consumers are as individuals and a collective. We use machine learning to extract consumer insights, learn from actual customer digital footprints, and even distil the perfect creative expression. With our unprecedented computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, finally businesses have a way to navigate through the millions of tiny data points created throughout our lives.

Our groundbreaking machine learning engine, Consumer Insights Explorer (CIE), gives businesses the ability to make sense and draw insight from all the data points consumers create every day. Built on XACT, our Data Management Platform (DMP), our audience building tool combines online and offline data of over 375 million unique devices. CIE allows businesses to reflect on and learn from the minute digital footprints left behind and make sense of all that data. Try it out for yourself – select a persona below.

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About XACT

XACT, ADA’s proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), steps in with anonymous mobile-first data that is captured from 375 million unique devices and 400,000 unique apps. Learn more about the ADA Data Story and how our data scientists and engineers can help accelerate your business growth.

More About Consumer Insights Explorer

Experience an exclusive demo of our Consumer Insights Explorer tool at ADA’s Virtual Conference, Re.Con: 2021 – Hit The Ground Sprinting With Digital and Data.