Case Study

Celebrating a Champion, Like A Champion: A Patriotic Campaign as a Nod to Axiata’s Nation-Building Efforts

The Challenge

Disrupting the ‘Merdeka Melee’

Every year, leading Malaysian brands fall over themselves to celebrate Merdeka, our independence day. Cue an onslaught of tear-jerking “Aunty” and “Pak Cik” stories, evoking childhood memories of simpler times. Touching? Yes. Memorable? Debatable, given the number of similar executions flooding the market.

Going with the Merdeka flow was not an option for Axiata, though. As one of the nation’s leading conglomerates with a presence across Asia, this is a Malaysian brand unlike any other, and it required an approach that would cut through the clutter. One that would not only celebrate the shared values that define our country, but also position Axiata as a leader at the forefront of advancement, representing the ambition of Malaysia to be a true Asian powerhouse.

Three topline objectives were set at the campaign level:

1. Creating awareness of Axiata’s brand positioning as a champion of nation-building.

2. Creating engagement with Axiata’s existing social media fanbase, as well as the general public.

3. Showcasing the values that Axiata upholds, and how these values contribute to the success of the company across the region.

A singular brand like Axiata required a singular approach. Of all the stories we could have told for Merdeka, one stood out amongst all others as a tale that defined Malaysia: the story of Tunku Abdul Rahman, our Father of Independence. His revered status as a nation-builder, his belief in uncompromising integrity, and his focus on the people was the perfect embodiment to celebrate Merdeka, and position Axiata as a national champion. ‘LEGASI TUNKU’ would be told through third parties who knew him and his contributions to our country.

Weaving a Historic Tale

Working alongside M&C Saatchi, the main thematic film was released a few days prior to Merdeka on 27th of August, consolidating all four stories into one video, four minutes in length. The video was released on Merdeka across The Star, Harian Metro, Says, and A+M, driving awareness and engagement throughout. This media onslaught resulted in significant earned media coverage, including a full feature on Astro Awani primetime news.

When it came to audience targeting, we used ADA’s proprietary DMP (Data Management Platform), XACT, to segment our target audience into four highly impactful groups who would relate with Tunku’s story and engage directly with the content.

  • Axiata Fans: Axiata Group’s (MY) fanbase on social media channels.
  • Government & Corporate leaders: Government employees and High Net Worth (HNW) working professionals.
  • Interest in – Business News & Technology: Users that are interested in Business, Finance, Digital services, or technology early adopters.
  • Interest in – Lifestyle: Video streamers, movie lovers, Netflix, iFlix, entertainment, arts and music, culture, and Malaysian cuisine.

The Results

The Axiata patriotic campaign achieved:

40% - 47%


video view rate



on Twitter



on article

 The success of this campaign demonstrates the value of ADA’s data-first approach to deliver impactful business value for clients.