Getting Mobile Gamers to Press ‘Play’ on SVOD | Indonesia

Case Study Getting Mobile Gamers to Press ‘Play’ on SVOD | Indonesia Tasked with acquiring new streaming video users at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, ADA delivered a CTR that exceeded historical benchmarks by over 4x . The Opportunities Like many countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia was forced into a lockdown (known locally as […]


Case Study OPPO | Malaysia OPPO was established in 2004 as an electronic and mobile communication manufacturer and has since expanded their global footprint to across 40 countries. The company was set to launch the latest generation of the FIND series – OPPO’s high-end product line, the FIND X3 in Malaysia, March 2021. Its predecessors, FIND X and FIND X2 were respectively […]


Case Study Refoods Re- is a purpose driven F&B start-up in Singapore. Their healthy, plant-based snacks are made from all-natural, minimally processed and sustainably sourced supplies direct from their farms. Through the power of conscious consumers, they hope to create positive impacts for our planet and its people. Challenges Even though some Singaporeans are conscious about sustainability still the mass […]