Case Study

Smooth: Top Butter Brand Scores 450K Engagements on TikTok

The Challenge

One trip to the grocery store is all it takes to notice the fierce competition in food marketing. With new products coming out all the time and an endless array of options to choose from, food brands are kept on their toes. Staying relevant in the eyes of consumers is a must.

A multinational butter brand in the Philippines was facing declining market share due to local competition and that fact that they had shied away from advertising campaigns for some time. And while it made sense to highlight the brand by sharing recipe videos, this was already a well-worn trope among Filipino food brands

The Strategy

ADA’s task was to find unique ways for the brand to stand out. The client worked with ADA to produce distinctive creative assets and launch a branded hashtag challenge on TikTok. The viral nature of Hashtag Challenges (HTC) on TikTok means branded hashtags can achieve a massive reach in a short time. TikTok HTCs invite other users to film themselves taking part in a challenge. And as more users interact with the hashtag, the more it becomes trending content on their For You feed.


To reach the client’s target audience, ADA developed a branded hashtag with two main objectives:

  • Launch the product on TikTok to attract new and returning customers
  • Drive follower growth and increase traffic to the client’s TikTok page

The idea behind the HTC campaign was to delight and entice TikTok users to indulge in savory, sweet, and buttery meals that looked, smelled, and tasted even better with butter.

Putting together a successful branded hashtag challenge on TikTok meant incorporating all the elements of a TikTok video: music, mood, influencers (micro and macro), ads, and a reward for participating in the challenge.

The Execution

The campaign relied on three essential marketing solutions that enabled ADA to increase and sustain traffic and performance on TikTok.

  • Hashtag challenge: Highlight quality content from key opinion leaders (KOLs) to boost HTC exposure. Integrated with traffic drivers like Top View and sustained by R&F.
  • Top view: Only publish videos that were 15 seconds or shorter to capture users’ attention.
  • In-feed ads/reach & frequency: Launch and utilise various KOL-led creatives to avoid ad fatigue. Emphasise the prizes to drive CTR and traffic.

Throughout the campaign, ADA tracked the impact of the HTC from several KOL-led creative variations and also measured performance based on ad impressions, reach, likes, and shares.

The Results

You “butter” believe it! Over a three-day campaign period with ADA, the client’s Hashtag Challenge achieved:



total page

in the HTC page


total engagements with
campaign hashtag

with 2.5% engagement rate


total video

against benchmark of
6M - 25M