ADA Case Study

Robi Scores High in the Search Category with Google Search Ads & Search Engine Optimisation

Robi receives multiple awards in the search category with Google Search Ads and Search Engine Optimisation

The Challenge

Due to the massive development of the Mobile Apps market and Mobile Financial Services, Robi was losing Web Revenue. More than 80% of self-purchases from customers are done through MyRobi App or the MFS Providers.

Customers also initiated the purchase / reload process successfully on a variety of owned media, but ultimately not purchasing the products. On the other hand, some seek the best offers but couldn't find it via the search engine, causing difficulty in closing deals.

Due to budget exhaustion, the ad platform suffered from algorithm issues, and impacted the full capability of the ads placement. This limits the appearance of the ads when people use the search engine, providing less exposure to the campaigns.

The Strategy

1. Contextual Communication

ADA zeroed in on improving contextual communication for the client so the overall Web Revenue could be increased.

2. Remarketing

We dug through previous digital activities on App, Web, and PWA App, so a fully optimised remarketing campaign with an emphasis on customer experience could be executed.

3. Protect Brand Keywords from competitors

With the competition getting more aggressive, ADA started to scope competitors' activity. We looked through keywords bid by competitors.

4. Resolve the campaign bid / budget exhaustion issues

ADA leveraged the use of automation to optimise ad activities via Google Ads.


The Execution

1. OptiScore maximisation and creative excellence

We implemented Dynamic Search Ad (DSA), Responsive Search Ad (RSA), and other relevant Search Ad Extensions as per Google’s best practices.

2. Increased and optimised Audience Depth score

Using related audiences, RLSA (Remarketing Lists), IMSA (In-Market Audiences), and other relevant Audiences, we remarketed to customers based on their previous digital activities.

3. Implemented Google Beta Auto Applied Recommendations Control Centre

Auto-apply recommendations by Google, enabling Auto-Optimisation for Ads & Extensions as well as Keywords and Targeting.

4. Budget exhaustion issue resolved

We utilised the Customised Google Ads Script for budget automation, which saves time and provides more engagement opportunities.


The Results

  • 100% achieved in OptiScore
  • 90.62% achieved for absolute top impressions
  • 4X decrease in cost per conversion
  • 124% increase in conversion rate


  • Silver in Best Paid Search Campaign category at The Drum Digital Advertising Awards APAC 2021

  • Bronze in Best Use of Search category at BBF's Digital Marketing Awards 2021

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