Artificial intelligence company that provides telco data solution

Telco Intelligence Solution
Provides Reliable Business Intelligence Solutions

Elevate your customer engagement and improve brand positioning by providing consumer insights data that are beyond the Telco database

Know Your Customers

Use data to increase lifetime value of existing customers and minimise/manage churn.

Know Your Competitor

Leverage on credible market data and insights to understand customer behaviour, make the right decisions, and achieve sales goals.

  • Visualisation
  • Actionable Insights
  • Predictive Models
  • Consulting Services

Enrich your Data with XACT

Enrich your 1st party data by merging it with XACT, our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) to enhance your existing customer data and gain a 360-degree customer visibility. Make better decisions with information on your customers’ affluent level, telco carrier, and interests.


Map telco 1st party data with ADA’s rich database of device ID (IFA) to gain a 360-degree customer view.


ADA's network sniffer programme is able to match the device ID (IFA) in XACT DMP using a telco’s customer mobile number (MSISDN) to enrich your customer personas.


The tools that power ADA’s Telco Intelligence Solution:

ADA Telco Business Intelligence

Telco Business Insights Dashboard

The ultimate tool that helps mobile device manufacturers monitor their market share against that of their competitors.

ADA Mobile Intelligence Solutions

Location Planning

A heatmap tool that displays the density of a target audience in a particular location. Improve marketing strategies and grow your business by identifying your business hotspots, consumer lifestyles, and behaviours.

ADA Mobile Intelligence Solutions

Mobility Analytics

ADA Analytics Powered by Cosmose AI allows you to understand the behaviour of consumers: Which stores they visit and if they purchased items, allowing you to target these individuals via digital platforms and bring them to you.

Need a tailored Telco Intelligence solution?

Our business insights experts are ready to understand your business pain points to create a customised solution for your specific business challenges.