Consumer enrichment with data

Consumer Insights

Uncover insights on WhoWhat, When, Where and Why of target audience to better understand consumer behaviour.

Consumer Profiler

AI-powered solution to help you drive effective and strategic decision making by understanding Who, What, and When a particular target audience visit points of interest (POIs).

Footfall Levels

Footfall analysis of consumers by time blocks of day, week, and month.


Categorisation of visitors based on our 10 personas or customised personas as per client’s focus.

Device Information

Analysis of telco providers and mobile device model used by consumers.


Analysis of age and gender; use of mobile device model and home property prices as proxy to affluence.

Cross-visit Patterns

Observe the switching behaviour of visitors, from one brand to another.

Distance to POIs

Analysis of distance travelled from home or office locations.

Location Planner

How do we shape business outcomes? By knowing Where the ideal locations are to target.

Discover underserviced ‘hot’ locations

Optimise event marketing campaigns

Amplify OOH advertising reach

Identify relocation opportunities ​

Gain competitive knowledge

Leverage on partnerships

IFA-Targeted Survey ​

Uncover the reason (WHY) behind certain consumer behavior via survey sent to a particular segment of interest for better communication strategy.

Client may reach out to respondents in hard-to-reach locations such as gated & guarded residential area, including condominiums, mall visitors, and commercial areas which require consent such as petrol stations and hotels.

IFA-targeted survey reduces survey length of the interview as ADA has readily available information such as age group, gender, interest/ persona, location and timestamp. This allows client to focus on key pain points for actionable insights.

Data Consulting

ADA lays out the building blocks for businesses to make the best use out of their data for decision-making, optimization and monetization.

Extracting insights from big data can be daunting. We aim to provide a consultancy service that helps you get clearer insights of your customers.

Over 60% of marketing decision-makers struggled to access or integrate the data they need

Siloed Data

Inadequate Data Quality

Velocity & Changes

Unable To Crack Insights

Discovery Workshop

Data Audit

Data Strategy Roadmap


Data Governance & Management Strategy

Data & AI Training

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Rozy Laxana

Head of Business Insights
& Analytics

Rozy Laxana

A veteran professional, Rozy has more than 25 years of experience in Consumer Insights, Data Analytics, and Marketing across South and Southeast Asia with a recent focus on building the digital media landscape and introducing data-driven, outcome-based marketing in Sri Lanka.
Rozy currently serves as the Head of Business Insights at ADA, leading a team of passionate insight experts to provide data-driven solutions and harness positive business outcomes.
On a personal note, Rozy is exceptionally passionate about coaching and mentoring, and she looks forward to building the next generation of leaders.