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Marketing data company drawing insights from data

Drawing Actionable Insights from Data

Distilling insights from big data can be daunting. Often times, data without valuable business insights is just meaningless numbers. 

We organise, manage and give meaning to raw data to paint a clearer picture of your business and consumers.

Sharper Decisions with Business Insights & Analytics

COVID-19 Data Insights

Southeast Asia Recovery Index

After an unexpected 2020, how do brands navigate the post-pandemic recovery in 2021 and beyond? Leveraging on data from XACT and our analytics experts, we designed a proprietary algorithm to track the return to the New Normal in Southeast Asia.

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Rozy Laxana

Head of Business Insights
& Analytics

Rozy Laxana

A veteran professional, Rozy has more than 25 years of experience in Consumer Insights, Data Analytics, and Marketing across South and Southeast Asia with a recent focus on building the digital media landscape and introducing data-driven, outcome-based marketing in Sri Lanka.
Rozy currently serves as the Head of Business Insights at ADA, leading a team of passionate insight experts to provide data-driven solutions and harness positive business outcomes.
On a personal note, Rozy is exceptionally passionate about coaching and mentoring, and she looks forward to building the next generation of leaders.