Case Study

Boostopia 8.8
Celebrating the new Boost lifestyle!

The Scope

With the increase in adoption of e-wallets and consumers joining the #GoCashless bandwagon, the e-wallet business space has started to get competitive as multiple e-wallets come to life. Boost, Malaysia’s home-grown e-wallet faced a similar challenge – How could Boost compete with more dominant market players such as Grab and Touch n’ Go, ranking at #1 and #2 respectively with almost 5 million users in their subscriber base?

At that time, Boost was third position with only 3.9 million users and had a long way ahead to reach their target of 5 million users by the end of 2019 and to drive growth in Gross Transaction Value (GTV).

Focusing on just one superior aspect of the app was not going to give the competitive advantage they desired. Consumers needed to understand the full scope and potential of Boost and how the versatile e-wallet would fit in of their everyday needs.

Boost, Malaysian’s first homegrown e-wallet, wanted to leverage this finding. But the barrier they faced was that every other brand was shouting out the same key message. Hence the challenge was to create a campaign that was able to meet their business objectives whilst also differentiating from the competition to drive new users to use Boost e-wallet.

The ADA Approach

Building brand awareness and affinity were key for the brand to reach its business objectives in a hyper-competitive market. This meant we had to portray the brand as more than just another e-wallet.

Using ADA’s unparalleled capability to analyse consumer behaviour, we identified that consumers tend to stick with products that can offer them diversified functionality under one umbrella. Our proposition was therefore to position Boost as more than just an e-wallet, showcasing it as lifestyle app that offers an array of services such as scan & pay, mobile top-ups, bill payment, parking, gaming credits, online shopping, cinema tickets and more.

Boost e-wallet Positioning

The Campaign

Leveraging our capabilities to understand client needs and to integrate multiple marketing strategies seamlessly under one framework, we created Boostopia 8.8 – the first and biggest cashless event where users can shop and pay with Boost both online and offline at participating partners for maximum rewards.

The event was set to be similar to a big outdoor carnival; with O2O partners, food trucks, games, prizes and also performances by up-and-coming artists. The idea behind setting up such a platform was to attract new users to the app while generously rewarding our active users. We also took Boostopia 8.8 online for active users who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes.

Using data, we created customized content messaging to reach these two specific audiences, with digital being the primary affinity and engagement platform. Utilizing a combination of different ad formats from Facebook, Google, YouTube and XACT, our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), we deployed a mix of content from Boost and key influencers to drive awareness and engagement.


This was followed by radio announcements, on-ground posters and digital screens at key location to spread the net wider and create more impact and awareness about Boostopia 8.8.

The Results

The three-day Boostopia 8.8 event was able to achieve higher than expected business objectives for Boost.

The event garnered 14,100 attendees and saw a 70% spike in search of the ‘Boost’ keyword on Google. The digital campaign generated 7.8 million impressions, a reach of 9 million and a times three campaign ROI. Boostopia 8.8 drove an increase in app downloads, increased user registration on app and noted an overall increase in app usage. Boost achieved a GTV worth RM41K during the three day event, with online transactions scaling RM1.35million and acquired a remarkable 11,270 new users vs the 2-3K users seen during a regular period.

Achieved a GTV worth RM41K during the 3 day event

Acquired a remarkable 11,270 new users

The digital campaign generated 7.8 million impressions

A reach of 9 million

70% spike in search of the ‘Boost’ keyword on Google

Boostopia 8.8 marked the beginning of a new way to shop – a single day where consumers get to enjoy deals both online and offline using just their mobile phone!