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Boosting Malaysian eWallet's Growth by 12x in a Pandemic

Boost wanted to help consumers and local MSMEs go digital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how ADA delivered with an award-winning campaign.

Award Won:


Finance and Professional Services | GOLD

The Scope

In early 2020, eWallets were used, but not widely adopted by users and businesses. All that changed in March 2020 following the COVID-19 pandemic, when a nationwide lockdown forced businesses to close on-site operations overnight. The government then devised the Penjana initiative to assist the livelihoods of businesses, especially the local Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), urging Malaysians to adopt digital transactions and eWallets. This led to an eWallet battle royale with each of the three brands (Boost, GrabPay and Touch ‘n Go eWallet) all vying for the attention and pockets of Malaysians.

Boost not only had to compete with the two brands, both of which had a bigger war chest, but with the entire eCommerce sector, which jumped on the bandwagon of deals and promotions. The sector became even more cluttered and promotion-driven. The challenge for Boost was to ensure it remained relevant to Malaysians – to be useful enough in daily life that customers adopt it for payments and other services, use it regularly, and retain their funds in it.

To make this a reality, Boost had to get these things right:


Engage and retain their existing user base


Acquire new users into Boost


Drive Gross Transaction Value (GTV) through repeated transactions


Help shift MSMEs online by digitalising their businesses

The Strategy

Utilising XACT, our proprietary data management platform (DMP), we managed to identify specific B40 COVID-19 crisis personas and worked towards meeting their needs. These personas were:

  1. Adaptive Shoppers: People who adapted quickly and shopped online frequently to get what they need/want, who also say they will likely continue to shop online more even after the lockdown is lifted.

  2. The Bored Homebody: Bored being stuck at home, they consume more entertainment content digitally.

  3. The Health Nut: With wellness being top of mind, they shop online for healthy alternatives to their daily routines.

  4. The WFH Professional: Time poor, they rely on online shopping for the sheer convenience.

Using GWI, we also found that endorsements by celebrities are 1.5x more likely to persuade our users to use brands. This insight was central to our idea of getting key influencers to promote Boost’s brand value/experience and engage with our users.

Initiative 1: #KasiTambah Amazing Rewards

Boost amazing rewards ad
Boost amazing rewards ad
Boost amazing rewards ad

Pushing content that highlights on different partners, merchants, product offerings and spotlighting on the value of each deal and promotion. The following is the crux of what we communicated:

Boost #KasiTambah Rewards & Boost Coins with more than RM130! With KasiTambah Amazing Rewards, on top of claiming RM50, Boost users will get to enjoy:

  • RM60 discount for Celcom XPAX- Lite Postpaid

  • Up to RM20 with of Partner Wallets vouchers

  • Stand to win grand prize, MYVI, a motorbike, a HD TV, Smartphone, vouchers

  • Earn 8x Boost coins with every RM2 spent to utilise on Boost Up loyalty programme

  • Enjoy up to RM400 in cashback and other promotions when you shop online and pay with Boost

Initiative 2: #KasiTambah Online Boost Days

To engage and retain existing users as well as drive usage amongst new users, Boosties enjoyed special cashback and rewards, and they earned Boost coins for every successful transaction. That data gave us deeper insights into their shopping behaviour and fueled our lookalike audiences to boost app installs and transactions through Facebook and Google UACe campaigns, TrueView and Responsive Display Ads, EDMs, print, radio, and OOH.

From our data and user personas, Boost was able to create clusters of bespoke content and deals based on their online behaviour. Social postings featured merchants, product offerings, and promotions customised for each persona and their unique interests while our media buys targeted specific platforms each of the personas visited frequently.

We then used the data we got from their repeated engagement with us to fuel our lookalike audience and drove mobile app installs and more transactions through a mix of ad formats : Facebook and Google UACe campaigns, TrueView and Responsive Display Ads, EDMs, print, radio, and OOH.

Acting on the insight that having a face to lead a brand/campaign can help users make the jump from observation to conversion, we engaged local TV personality and actor Anas Ridzuan to help us entertain and engage Malaysians, with the goal that they would understand/relate to our message and transact with us.

Our brand video, “Kasi, Kasi, Kasi Tambah!”, featured two characters, ‘Kasi’ and ‘Tambah’, who brought out the element of humour and entertainment to attract Malaysians’ interest and engagement. It also features the various offers, promotions and deals that Boost has to offer. 

As we wanted to focus our marketing or communication efforts towards mobile platforms, we used mostly EDMs & In-App to drive action on app. We also ran a full day You Tube masthead takeover using Anas’ brand video to generate as much engagement and awareness as possible.

Initiative 3: #KasiTambah Power MSMEs

To shift MSME businesses online, Boost worked with the government to help digitalise their business and lend them a hand by waiving the RM500 onboarding fee, kickstarting their online business with free ads (worth RM500) and a head start of RM500 cash incentive as well as RM25 cashback for their customers.

All three pillars funneled down into boosting Gross Transaction Value (GTV) through repeated transactions.

The Results

Boost’s incremental tactical campaign achieved:



in new users



in driving lapsed users



in weekly transactions

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