Case Study

#DoGoodwithBoost This Ramadan

The Scope

Along with bringing a sense of peace and serenity, the holy month of Ramadhan brings in its wake a strong sense of goodwill and community. It is the time where Muslims reflect on their thoughts and actions and take time off to perform good deeds to increase one’s spiritual growth.

A research report indicated that 66% of Muslims do more charity during this period, amongst other things.

Boost, Malaysian’s first homegrown e-wallet, wanted to leverage this finding. But the barrier they faced was that every other brand was shouting out the same key message. Hence the challenge was to create a campaign that was able to meet their business objectives whilst also differentiating from the competition to drive new users to use Boost e-wallet.

The ADA Approach

The first step in deriving an effective solution was to look at the challenges that people were facing when it came to the act of donations or charity. Using our expert data and analytics capability ADA found out that while accessibility and convenience were a deterrent, the more serious issue was fraud.

We decided to address this by integrating the Charity function within the Boost e-wallet app to encourage Boost users who were used to enjoying cashbacks to #DoGoodwithBoost by providing them the option to donate within a fraud-free platform – all with just a click of a button.

With the Charity function ensuring people could easily make in-app donations efficiently and intuitively, the integration of the donate button coupled with the #DoGoodwithBoost campaign helped us to achieve Boost’s objectives of driving frequency of usage from existing Boost users (thereby increasing the brand’s Growth Transaction Value) and acquiring a new users to help Boost achieve its targeted 5 million user base by end of 2019.

With these findings in place, we were able to create a campaign that would allow nearly 30,000 Muslims to easily partake in acts of donations and charity during the holy month of Ramadan.

The Campaign

One of our first approaches was to include a smart deviation in the consumer journey every time they used their Boost e-wallet. Rather than setting up a completely new mechanism for the consumer, we created the #DoGoodwithBoost campaign by simply including a simple step in the end journey for the consumer. We were able to formulate this marketing tactic by studying various consumer profiles and their behaviour when using e-wallets. With #DoGoodwithBoost, Boost users who were used to enjoying cashbacks could easily donate it to charity instead. Using our data capabilities, we identified 3 different audiences and subsequently devised 3 targeting strategies with bespoke content to reach them.

Active users

We created a 30-day challenge to incentivise active users to perform acts of charities and get rewarded every day. We created a 30-day challenge to incentivise active users to perform acts of charities and get rewarded every day.

Regular users

Users who already use Boost solely as a payment platform would be notified of the 30-day challenge to join the campaign while they were still active on the app.

Mosque Goers

We used Xact (our proprietary telco-powered Data Management Platform) to map out all the device IDs of Muslims who frequented neighbourhood mosques and targeted them with a message to donate by just scanning a QR code at the mosque donation box.

We used multiple digital platforms including in-app ads and key influencers to create awareness and get people to #DoGoodwithBoost during Ramadan over a period of 2 months. Our multi-pronged approach utilised digital videos, social platforms where we featured more ways people could do transactions and donate their cashback to the charity of their choice and engaging with key influencers who were able to share this message with their audiences. Together our campaign efforts served as a reminder to do good everyday with Boost.

The Result

571K Total New App Downloads.

Media reached over 4 MILLION USERS vs 3 million planned reach.

Boost became


that helped Muslims to donate easily to Mosques via QR Code. Fulfilling a Special Niche in the Holy month of Ramadan.

A total of 28,348 Boost Users Participated, RM 183,176 was Donated in Total.

RM225 MILLION in GTV over 2 Months Period where 20% was contributed by the donation campaign.

Leveraging our expertise in data and adding the ADA smart creative touch to our analysis, with the #DoGoodwithBoost campaign we were able to reach over 4million users. (The original proposed plan was to reach 3million users.) A total of 28,348 Boost users participated in the campaign donating a sum of RM183,176.00. Through this campaign Boost achieved RM225million in GTV over the 2 month period, where 20% was contributed by the donation campaign, making this a 97% growth vs 2018 – a top achievement for ADA. During the campaign activation, Boost also acquired 571K new app downloads.

Not only were we able to achieve a set number of business KPIs, Boost became the first brand in Malaysia to help Muslims make an easy donation by installing QR codes in mosques, fulfilling a unique niche in the holy month of Ramadan. The #DoGoodwithBoost campaign encouraged thousands of Muslim users to perform acts of charity during Ramadan and help the less fortunate to have a better Aidilfitri celebration.