Case Study

Your Bills Are On Us

Read about the time we offered Malaysians exciting incentives to pay their bills on time and what this was able to achieve for our client.

The Scope

As the internet becomes faster and more readily accessible, more and more Malaysians are spending time online with 80% users shopping online. The e-commerce sector in the country continues to showcase better growth with 24% increase in online spend in 2019 as compared to previous years.

The e-commerce sector in the country continues to showcase better growth with 24% increase in online spend in 2019.

Supporting the growth of e-commerce ecosystems are e-wallet apps like Boost that offer easy transactions when shopping online without the hassle of registering credit cards or revealing sensitive data like bank account details. E-commerce platforms are also starting to get quite comprehensive in nature. For example, Boost, Malaysia’s first homegrown e-wallet app since 2017, offers a variety of services beyond just paying for your shopping like mobile top-ups, bill payment, parking, gaming credits, online shopping, cinema tickets, donation and more. However, the app faces stiff competition from more well-established brands like Touch n Go (6.5 million users) and GrabPay (6 million users) who offer similar services. With a goal to become the leading local e-wallet user in the region and expand their user base to 5million, Boost was faced with the challenged to convert Malaysians to jump on the go cashless bandwagon and select their versatile platforms to make their everyday transactions.

The ADA Approach

Relying on our expert metrics and analytical capabilities, ADA was able to create a strategy that would allow Malaysians to make bill payments through Boost and gain rewards every time they did so. Delivering a campaign of this calibre would allow Boost to reward their existing users and attract new users to the app. Creating target audience groups came next on our roster to ensure that we were able to meet the requirement set forth by the client. For this purpose, we categorized our target audience into three systemic groups:

Active Users

The existing user base who would enjoy instant gratification in the form of cashbacks whenever they use Boost and lead to increase in frequency usage.

Non-Boost users: Acquisition

Attract new users with the incentive to gaining rewards and cashbacks.

Inactive users: Increase in usage

Non-loyalist users who already have several e-wallets in their phone would gravitate to Boost knowing that they offer the best deals.

The Campaign

Based on our audience segmentation and after studying online user behavior we launched the ‘Your Bills are on Us’ campaign to capture and convert users who transact using online banking to pay bills by rewarding users every time they paid their bills using Boost app.

With the help of XACT, our proprietary telco-powered data management platform (DMP), we identified 7 different personas from the 3 target segments based on their mobile behaviour. This included entertainment junkies, gamers,  money managers, phone freaks (personalization), health & beauty, sports enthusiasts and personal development.

The Sport Enthusiast

The Phone Freak (Personalisation)

The Personal Development Explorer

The Money Manager

The Gamer

The Health & Beauty Enthusiast

The Entertainment Junkie

These user personas then helped us to build a cluster of diverse audiences that enabled us to create various bespoke content based on their specific online behavior, as well as targeted media buys in platforms they frequented. Even the product offerings and promos were customized based on the target segments and their behaviours.

For instance, active Boost users were offered a chance to win 100% cashback if they were to pay their bills via the app. Inactive users received targeted messaging at the end of each month, tailored to their latest search behaviours and social media activities. To attract new users, we created lookalike audience of existing Boost users who used the app to pay their bills on Facebook and Google to get them to download and use the Boost app to pay their bills.

The segments derived from lookalike audiences were also bucketed and matched according to the merchant partners and product offerings. This is where the user personas came in very handy. For example, an Astro user is tagged as someone who is an entertainment junkie, so they would be served an ad to pay their Astro bills with Boost.

The Results

With the ‘Your Bills are on Us’ campaign we were able to achieve a 4-time incremental revenue for Boost with a 19-time increment in their Gross Transaction Value (GTV). Offering our target audience segment with content that was created just to match their online behaviour Boost acquire a million new users with a 3% increase in retention rate. The overall monthly active user activity on the app recorded an increase of 185% – an astonishing achievement and testimony to ADA’s data and analytics insight.

3% Increase in Retention Rate

An increase of 185% in overall monthly active user activity on the app.

19 x incremental growth in Gross Transactional Value

4 x Incremental revenue growth for Boost

Not only did this campaign achieve its objectives and reap fantastic results, but we also kept fellow Malaysians’ bills in check!