How Universities Can Class Up Facebook Content

I started using Facebook a lot in my college phase of life. It was the hub for almost everything in my university life.

There are events, announcements, university news, class groups, etc. As students we also collaborated on our tasks through Facebook Groups and communicate through Messenger. Moreover, I observed there are universities that use Facebook pages as its Career and Alumni Center as a way to connect to its Alumni to give updates and promote their post-graduate programmes and increase visibility to students browsing and researching their future campus on social media.

Facebook is an integral part of a student’s life. As such, there are several things that can maximize the presence of a University through Facebook, which can lead to better impression from prospective students who see the university’s ads.

  1. Share News, Accomplishments, and Events

One of many ways to maximize online presence of a University is to share news, accomplishments and current events at the university. For example, the National University of Singapore recently posted about their award wins. This can be helpful not only to current students to stay up to date on the current news, but also can entice future students with the university’s current event.

  1. Provide complete information on About page

It is super helpful for current students and future one to know more about campuses when they provided some basic yet useful information on the About page. This information includes Address, Business Hours, Contact Details, How to Get There information, and even formats for other information – Nanyang Technological University for instance has a section about its brand story.

  1. Showcase student reviews

Facebook pages have a review section where the University can collect ratings and reviews. Take advantage of this feature by being present on this section as well as responding to all reviews.

  1. Share videos about recent events or campus tours for future students

This can come in handy when future student is researching their future campus. Brief images or videos that shows the campus and its surroundings can be a great way for future students to learn more about the university they’re about to enroll in. one great example is University of Buffalo’s campus virtual tour.

  1. Use Messenger to interact with page visitors

Messenger is a great Facebook feature that can build engagement and enable university to interact with their page visitor. For example, Harvard University welcomes its Facebook page visitors with a Send Message CTA.

  1. Welcome new students

As I stated before, back in my university days, I joined several Facebook Groups from my university. I used to ask questions, interact with one another on these Facebook groups I joined.

For example, Seton Hall University has a Facebook Group that welcomes new students.

  1. Promote Upcoming events

Facebook has become an integral part of University. Take advantage of that by turning it into a medium where students engage, communicate and collaborate. Sharing events on a Facebook page enables students to

To summarize, here are several ways Universities can take advantage of Facebook to maximize its digital presence.

  1. Share News, Accomplishments, and Events
  2. Provide complete information on About page
  3. Make use of student reviews
  4. Share videos about recent events or campus tour for future students
  5. Use Messenger to interact with page visitors
  6. Welcome of new students into Facebook Groups
  7. Promote upcoming events

These action items can be useful in supporting paid campaigns for Page Likes or engagements. We’ve run several campaigns for tertiary institutions, and found most Page Like campaigns can increase their potential by creating engaging content around school activities.

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