Facebook Video Optimization: 2 seconds or 10?

Facebook recently introduced a new measurement for video views ads: 2-second continuous views. The metric counts when your video was played for 2 continuous seconds or more. Most 2-second continuous video views will have at least 50% of the video pixels in view.

With this update, Facebook is making video measurement more transparent. The earlier measurement of 3-second views measured any 3-second view in a video, which might include skipped or offscreen time.

Through running multiple video campaigns on Facebook, we learnt how to use these optimization techniques to deliver results for various objectives.

10 Sec view optimization gives 3x better cost per 10 Sec view than 2 Sec optimization

2 Sec view optimization give 4X better 2 Sec View cost than 10 Sec optimization

There is a tradeoff between volume and cost with each optimization method. If you go for 2-second continuous views, the volume of audience collected will be high but the completion rate will be low. Audiences collected might not be adequately aware of the brand or product to move further down the marketing funnel.

% video completion rate is 2X better with 10 Sec optimization

Additionally, Facebook gives an option to retarget to people who have seen your videos, so the optimization technique that you use becomes of utmost importance. Surprisingly, the 3-second views collected from 2-second continuous optimization is lower than from 10 sec views in volume.

10-second view optimization gives 1.5X better 3-second view cost than 2-second continuous optimization

Hence, 10 sec optimization appears to have an advantage, as it gives you the maximum retarget audience and also higher view completion rate!

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