Engaging 8.5 million fitness enthusiasts in Bangkok, using data

A leading global sports apparel brand wanted to brand and create awareness about their new line of footwear in Bangkok, and to a reach a relevant and qualified audience that was already interested in their products. While native targeting options and OOH provided reach and broad awareness, what the advertiser really wanted was to further engage sports and fitness enthusiasts at the right place and the right time: when they were running outdoors.

ada used a combination of technology and data science to identify parks in Bangkok that are frequented by daily runners and joggers. This segment would benefit most from the brand’s new lightweight product that offered support, flexibility and breathability. Using ada’s proprietary Location and Data Science Technology, we geofenced the likes of Lumphini Park, Benjakiti Park and the Rama IV Pathway Link among other popular haunts and built custom audience segments to target these visitors on Facebook.

Location-based targeting with dedicated campaigns

ada also complemented location-based targeting with special campaigns dedicated to targeting health and fitness enthusiasts in Bangkok. ada created campaigns coupled with branding videos and sent traffic to the advertiser’s website where visitors could view the product and its finer nuances.

Our Ad Operations Team collaborated across the region with the Client Services Team and the Advertiser alike to deliver on the advertiser’s objectives and attain optimal results.


By reaching runners at the right time, after their feet were at their hottest and sweatiest, and competing shoes’ stiffness and stuffiness were most apparent, ada achieved results that broke the roof. ada helped the Advertiser reach 8.5 Million unique Facebook users in Bangkok and delivered:

  1. A Click Through Rate, 15% higher than Facebook’s native targeting options,
  2. A Cost per Click, 20% lower than Facebook’s native targeting options, and finally,
  3. A Cost per Video View, 10% lower than Facebook’s Industry Average

These results were only possible by targeting a very bespoke audience, fitness buffs who were already interested in daily running and jogging, and in need for a comfortable line of footwear. From a client-servicing perspective, offering the Advertiser hard data, and eventually targeting and converting their audiences unfolded into greater transparency for them.

Branding apparel online is a very tricky task. Brands need to differentiate and build brand equity to stand out from the competition, and command a premium over pirated apparel. Through research and insights to identify the customer behavior of running enthusiasts, we could apply data and marketing science to the mix to communicate the Advertiser’s differentiators.

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