Case Study

BCA Successfully Rakes In 2x Expo-Goers with Their First Fully-Digital Annual Event

The Challenge

In the past, Bank Central Asia (BCA) had successfully driven footfalls to the previous Expoversary 2020, but they had never executed the event without its main selling point: the festival vibe. The event offered many entertainment elements akin to that of a festival, which gave expo-goers a lot of fun when they attended it.

In 2021, BCA wanted to continue the success of their Expoversary. However, COVID-19 had caused widely-imposed lockdowns and mobility restrictions across Indonesia. This presented them with a great challenge: they can no longer conduct their event at a physical venue and implement their main selling point.

Adapting to the situation, BCA decided to conduct BCA Expoversary 2021 virtually by developing a dedicated website — where people can find information and apply for loans in real-time.

A solid strategy is required to bring in traffic and overall registrations, while also aiming to increase the total number of loan applicants.

Target Audience

The event was set within a specific timeframe, which means only a very thin margin of error on targeting was allowed. Hence, we focused on two main target audience:

  • People who had attended BCA Expoversary 2020 that are already familiar with the event. This pool of audience will be targeted to register for the event and apply for loans, with minimal awareness efforts.
  • People with the intent to buy cars, motorbikes, or houses. Purchasing intent based on their interests was highlighted in this selection of audience.

The Strategy

Considering the intense competition in the crowded digital space, we needed to devise a strategy to capture the attention of our target audience. 

To achieve this, we strengthened our presence across diverse media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, GDN, SEM, Programmatic-Display, Audio, OTT Video, and Ad Network Premium Inventories).

  • Targeted the right audience by creating a specific set of rules for each audience segmentation we wanted to reach (e.g. for home loans, we target people that have previously shown interest in home ownership credit, referred to as Kredit Pemilikan Rumah or KPR in Indonesia, as well as people that are interested in loan offerings).


  • Showed the relevant creatives by utilising the dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) feature — displaying the right products to the right audience based on their specific needs. The BCA Expoversary Online 2021 programme involved hundreds of thousands of product listings. Thus, we must curate the products based on the audience’s specific interests to improve relevancy. This is possible with DCO. 

The Execution

The BCA Expoversary Online 2021 campaign was launched with several variations of creatives based on different intents promoted over social media and ad networks

Weekly analysis and adjustments were conducted to take corrective actions instantly. For example, when data showed us that most visitors dropped their intention to apply for loans during the registration part, we push them to complete registration by creating a new look-a-like pop-up and retargeting the audience data set. 

Adaptiveness was an essential part of the campaign. When the Indonesian government announced the removal of the luxury tax for vehicles due to the economic downturn during the pandemic, we swiftly targeted more people with strong interests and desires in this specific category. The need for buying cars or motorbikes was prevalent during the pandemic as taking public transport was considered risky.

On the other hand, creative use was also aligned with the nature of the platform (e.g. TikTok was covered by younger segments, displaying youthful creatives that contributed positively to the overall campaign performance).

The Results

The BCA Expoversary Online 2021 campaign achieved:

357 million


77 million


19 million


3.4 million



housing loan applicants


car loan applicants


motorcycle loan applicants

 The success of this campaign demonstrates the value of ADA’s data-first approach to deliver impactful business value for clients.