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Going Beyond The Brief – A Banking Industry Case Study

Data made the difference. The bank needed new credit card users – we got them that and more.

Case Study Acquisitions Thailand

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One of Thailand’s top banks was faced with a predicament: they were struggling with the performance of their premium credit card. They needed to get 350 credit card registrations within 3 months. However, the product was targeted at high-net-worth individuals who could maintain a minimum balance of THB 5mil in their accounts – a niche position in the market.

The ada difference

As a data-driven agency, ada already had an edge, but we looked beyond the brief. Although the product had been in the market since 2014, we took a fresh look at the entire communications strategy (not just the media plan). We covered: market and business overview; target audience insights; creative and content direction. In essence, we revised our own job scope.

Via Xact, we had a precise view of mobile behaviour. Combined with the pre-campaign research we conducted, we became experts of the client’s product – to propose the solution they needed.



conversions within only 1 month, instead of 3 months from brief


higher conversion rate compared to client’s benchmark


lower cost per conversion compared to the client’s benchmark

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