Case Study

55x ROI from Digital Marketing for eCommerce Platform

Driving 3x growth in sales for MeenaClick in Bangladesh

The Scope

MeenaClick – one of the largest retail online markets in Bangladesh, launched two years ago and has managed to achieve success with high top of mind awareness and brand recall despite a high level of competition in this space. This year however, MeenaClick faced an unprecedented challenge of being unable to cope with the skyrocketing level of demand that the COVID-19 pandemic created.

As the pandemic forced more Bangladeshi consumers to shop online, it resulted in a spike of negative sentiments towards the brand, resulting in customers shifting to competitors. As consumers continued to go digital and online shopping continued to increase by 3 to 4 times, customers were not returning to MeenaClick and it struggled to push sales numbers and drive higher basket value.

The objective of the campaign was to target the right consumers so that MeenaClick could increase demand and ensure that they gained high quality leads whilst keeping fulfilment challenges low.


Recruit right customer to increase basket value per customer


Increase daily orders and total sales

The Strategy

MeenaClick was faced with a unique problem that required a well strategised solution. As an e-commerce platform, it was a time of sky-high demand for online shopping, however in order to balance cost and ability to serve that demand, they needed to employ a smarter approach to acquiring customers. So it wasn’t enough to acquire customers organically or to employ a spray and pray method to ramp up demand. That’s where ADA turned to XACT, our proprietary data management platform (DMP),  ADA’s social media listening tool, and other data sources to identify and target the ideal customers for the brand.

We understood that in order to achieve the objectives set, it wasn’t enough to run a one-and-done campaign. The campaign had to be one of calculated gradual growth, which is often counter-intuitive to most brand and marketing campaigns that seek to ramp up demand, sometimes to a point where demand-pull inflation is created and operations is often unable to keep up. The core idea was to create a series of sustained tactical offers released throughout the month for only one week to manage demand and supply. Each offer was geared towards a different objective.

We launched 3 varying tiers of offers to drive the respective outcomes:

Basket Value Offers

Deals encouraging consumers to increase their basket size

Exclusive & Dhamaka Offers

Ensured the increase in frequency of orders

Special Day Offers

Tuesday specials and weekend offers drove sales driven by the occasion

The Execution

In order to ensure that the campaigns were controlled, optimised, and targeted, there were four campaigns that ran simultaneously on the back end, with each addressing a different target segment. The four target segments were:

  1. Existing Customers
  2. New Customers
  3. Affluent Customers
  4. A/B Testing

Through our data analysis, we identified the digital spaces most frequently occupied by our target customers, and when they were most likely to convert. We also built personas around their online behaviour, interest, and intent. We used this to create conversion campaigns to drive high quality traffic at minimal cost. The campaign was also bolstered with a strong nurturing and retargeting campaign to further drive conversions from the traffic generated. Here’s the split of the personas and the creative served.

Existing Customers

By targeting MeenaClick’s existing base plus visitors, we were able to provide value to these loyalists and encourage them to increase their basket size.

Affluent Customers

Using XACT, we carved out a segment of upscale shoppers and those who frequented affluent areas within Dhaka.

New Customers

Through lookalike targeting coupled with interest targeting via XACT and other data sources, we managed to acquire ideal customers for MeenaClick.

A/B Testing

Through experimentation with creatives and formats, we were able to derive the best formula to achieve the objectives of reach, driving web traffic, remarketing, and conversion.

The Results

MeenaClick’s incremental tactical campaign achieved an

overall increase in sales at minimal impact to operations



in Sales

3x increase in sales throughout the campaign period.



in Basket Value

3.75x increase in basket value.



in Daily Orders

2.8x increase in daily orders.



in Clicks

3.5x increase in link clicks.




2x increase in impressions and 3.5x increase in link clicks.



in Growth

Overall a 176% increase in growth to date.



Return on Investment

Purchases could be attributed back to the campaign resulting in 55x return on investment for the brand.