Assortment and Availability

An Overview

In assortment and availability, ADA provides an overview of the brand’s SKUs: what is in stock, out of stock, along with new items added to the user’s channels. It also includes: 

  • Overall Tracked Products vs the previous week 
  • Overall On-Shelf Availability vs the previous week 


The product is in stock on the online store, and available for purchase, sold by an approved 1st-party seller. 

Out of Stock 

The products are listed on the online store, but they’re shown as being out of stock. It’s also not available to purchase. 

Shelf Availability 

It is the measure of a product being available for sale to consumers, in the place where the consumer expects it, and at the time they want to buy it. 

 Apply filters to receive details on the number of stock available in percentage: 

  • Country 
  • Platform 
  • Brand 
  • Type 
  • Size 

Other detailed insights included in Assortment and Availability are: 

Trended Availability Insights 

Detailed graphs and tables display the number of items available to purchase, in-stock and out of stock, on each platform across different platforms and for different times. Charts can be configured daily, weekly, or monthly, and are available for downloading. 

ADA Digital Shelf Trended Availability to Purchase (ATP)

Assortment Details 

Assortment Details feature assortment comparisons and availability numbers. Data can be filtered according to: 

  • Country 
  • Platform 
  • Brand 
  • Type 
  • Size 

ADA Digital Shelf Assortment Details

Out of Stock Reports 

This report gives the user a detailed view of which items need a restock. Insights are available for download.

ADA Digital Shelf Out of Stock Report

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