Case Study

Amorepacific Reaps eCommerce Success With Digital Strategy

The Challenge

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amorepacific Group, a South Korean beauty and cosmetics conglomerate, had focused primarily on driving offline sales at their retail stores, utilising digital marketing only for brand awareness campaigns. It was an effective strategy for them, with their major brands, Sulwhasoo and Laneige, being highly successful in South Korea. 
When COVID-19 struck, lockdowns and movement restrictions forced the retail industry into a decline, with beauty brands among the hardest hit. Amorepacific responded by pivoting to online sales in Southeast Asia (SEA), but without prior experience in eCommerce nor the region, they turned to ADA to build a strong digital presence, persuasive creative assets, and successful promotional messages.

The Strategy

As Sulwhasoo and Laneige were both new players in the eCommerce space and in the SEA region, it was vital for them to build high brand awareness and strong digital presence.

ADA designed a campaign with two main objectives: 

  • Bring new traffic to the official Lazada store for Sulwhasoo and Laneige
  • Actively retarget audiences that reacted to the marketing campaigns

Further audience segmentation for the active retargeting approach was carried out based on SNS, interests, behaviours, age demographics, and “add to basket” to achieve the best results. Digital presence and brand recall are not developed overnight. As such, we deployed the campaign for an entire year to test the ads and continuously optimise them to generate the best results over time.

This was carried out with three important elements: 

  • CPAS: Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution (CPAS) is a platform created by Facebook for brands to create ads to reach customers and drive them to buy products from their eCommerce stores – in this case, on Lazada for both brands.  
  • Focus on Seasonal Holidays & Interests: We leveraged on seasonal holidays in each country as a hook to encourage customers to shop online for both brands via Lazada. This strategy offered the best experience and benefits for new customers.
  • Creative Consistency: While the ad visuals were designed to cater to each market in the SEA region, we also stayed true to the brand identity for consistency and better brand recall.  

The Execution

With the ‘test run’ strategy in place, we ensured that our ad visuals were produced with these guiding principles: 

  • Product Image: Only highlighting one or just a few best-selling products, instead of all at once.
  • Model Image: When using images of K-celebrities, we centralise them in the visuals. 
  • Ad Copy: Concise copywriting that emphasises the main benefits of the products. 

Throughout the campaign period, we ran several tests with different creative variations to track the creative impact. This was measured based on how our audience interacted with the ads – such as post clicks and conversion.

The Results

Through this campaign with ADA, Amorepacific Group achieved:


Highest ROAS recorded from the 12.12 campaign
for Sulwhasoo SG


Highest ROAS recorded from the 11.11 campaign
for Laneige MY

 The success of this campaign demonstrates the value of ADA’s data-first approach to deliver impactful business value for clients.