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AI-Powered Video Analytics and Creation Engine

AI-Powered Video
Analytics and Creation Engine

A social video machine learning analytics and insights tool, coupled with an AI-powered content recommender. We monitor millions of social video performances daily, providing actionable insights so that brands can create video content that resonate with their target audience.

Video Analytics & Creation Engine?

Video Analytics & Creation Engine gives you insights to your brand’s social video performance, benchmarked against competition. It helps you discover creators who have created content about your brand, identify the video trends that captivates your target audience in the social network space.


Social Video Intelligence

Analyses performance of videos posted on major social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Tracks views, likes, comments, shares of every video, and subscriber count of social profiles. Brand owners will be able to gather insights of category profiles, video performance metrics, and benchmarks.


Content Insights

We analyse and classify metadata and organise videos into formats such as how-to, reviews, and more. The videos can also be grouped themes such as breakfast, festive, and others. Also identifies audience emotions for each video.


Content Brief

The content brief help brands stitch together social video content recommendations based on the brief and objective of the video campaign using the data and insights available on the platform. The combination of formats, themes, and interests allow brands to engage with audiences better.


Earned Media Performance

Video Analytics and Creation Engine provide video insights of creators across major social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. We provide each video’s performance metrics such as reach, likes, comments and shares as well as each video’s content insights.


Discover Creators

Giving you insights of the creators who are talking about your brand. We provide you with insights of video topic, interest, format, and theme that are popular and relevant to your brand. You can expand your influencer marketing with the long-tail creators.


Campaign Monitoring

Understand the social video programming calendars of your competitors (Hero/Hub/Hygiene) and keep track of their performance.



Dashboard to monitor category social video activities anytime

benefits-IM-organized social video

Huge library of organised social video references


Data to back your video content strategy


Search for content inspiration


Identify new and highly relevant creators


Monitor specific keywords or campaigns with our customisable dashboard

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