Digital transformation in marketing for consumer behaviour recovery.

ADA’s Southeast Asia Recovery Index

A Data-Driven Dashboard Lighting the Way to the New Normal

After an Unexpected 2020, How Do Brands Navigate the Post-Pandemic Recovery in 2021 and Beyond?

The issues confronting marketers in Southeast Asia are obvious: as the pandemic continues to muddy the waters for growth and customer engagement, what data and insights do they need to cross over to the New Normal? What has or hasn’t changed in how customers shop, move around or use apps? Which changes are likely to be permanent, and which are temporary? And how can brands strengthen their customer acquisition and retention amid this roiling unpredictability?

These are some of the questions our new COVID-19 dashboard and index were built to answer. Leveraging on data from XACT and our analytics experts, we designed a proprietary algorithm to track the return to the New Normal in Southeast Asia that gives marketers a bird’s eye view on consumer behaviour throughout the region, so that brands can be empowered to make informed choices.

Southeast Asia Dashboard

South Asia Dashboard

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