ADA x Insider

Personalise Web and App User Engagement with Revolutionary AI-Powered Segments

Today, customers have higher expectations for brands to understand their wants and needs than ever before. To build lasting brand experience and promote long term loyalty, customers demand to be spoken to when the product or service is relevant to them.  

Only brands that treat their customers as individuals and not as a group of demographic or generation prevails in this competitive digital economy.

That’s where ADA x Insider‘s team of holistic digital experts come in – they develop engaging creatives, analyse first-class data, and segment machine learning models so that strategists can help unlock your revenue potential on your existing website or mobile app.

Strategy and Workshop

Our team foster a highly methodological approach to understand the complex world of multi-platform and multi-touchpoint to find a middle ground where all data could be centralised.

We set out to achieve long term goals for your brand or business objectives with structured milestones and measure them throughout the process.

We work closely with you as an extension of your MarTech team to build a sustainable ecosystem that is driven by results.

Leverage AI for Automatic User Segmentation

Let AI automatically profile and segment your valuable users based on key data points. This will tell us about who they are and their preferences when engaging with your brand. It will also let us know how likely they would contribute to your revenue or if they have a high chance to churn.

Easy 1:1 Personalised Engagement that Speak to Individual Users at Scale

Use engaging features and widgets like “scratch to win” or “wheel of fortune”, or “InStory” to gamify your engagement strategy and boost conversion rates.

Personalise your product catalog based on user inferred and declared data so each user will experience only products that are relevant to what they want, leading to a better shopping experience and higher chance for purchase.

Reach out to existing customers from numerous platforms such as SMS, Web Push, or App Notification so that they receive messages they care about when they are most active.

Collect and Unify Your User Data from Cross-Platforms

Say goodbye to siloed data from web, app, and your CRM system. Centralise them all in one place to power up your audience data to better understand individual users and personalise their experience even more.

Types of User Engagement


  • New user sign up
  • First-time purchase
  • ‘Add to cart’ and return to checkout
  • Return customer purchase
  • Personalise home page banner and products
  • Reduce customer churn


  • App install and registration
  • Complete in-app onboarding
  • Complete in-app action
  • Play games for discount voucher
  • First-time purchase
  • Return customer purchase
  • Reduce customer churn

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