2021: Hit the Ground Sprinting with Digital and Data

ADA Virtual Conference

Mega Trends for 2021 and Beyond

This century is best described as the era of uncertainty. In this event, we explore the biggest drivers of change that will influence businesses and the impact these trends will have on all aspects of our lives as consumers.

Presented by

Sumant Mandal

Founder & Managing Partner,
March Capital Partners

Emergence of Super Apps in a Digital First Future

Super Apps or Super Disruption? A new breed of tech giants have emerged out of the East and they are already encroaching on “traditional” businesses across most industries.

Presented by

Mohd Khairil Abdullah

Axiata Digital, Boost


Adrian Burton

Special Projects, ADA

Digital Transformation in Traditional Industries

How traditional behemoths can transform into digital ones? Business leaders today need to think differently about how their business should evolve to meet the demands of the new normal consumer.

Presented by

Florian Hoppe

Partner & Digital Practice Lead,
Bain & Company

Keynote: 2021 – A Strategic Opportunity

Adopting agile and ever-evolving strategies will be how businesses move forward from the lessons of the 2020 crisis. Explore what it takes to turn 2021 into a strategic opportunity.

Presented by

Srinivas Gattamneni


Digitalisation of Financial Services

The financial services sector is undergoing a large-scale digital transformation. New technologies are enabling all financial services companies to overhaul operations and identify different ways of serving their clients.

Presented by

Edward Kilian

CMO, LinkAja


Keith Lee

Head of Financial Services,
Business Insights ADA

Digitalisation of Telco

Telcos need to rewire themselves to work in agile ways and make data-driven decisions to keep up with customers’ increasing demands for simple digital experiences. Discover our proprietary Business Insights tools to inform all your Telco business decisions here.

Presented by

Anthony Rodrigo

CIO, Axiata

David Arcelus



Kirill Mankovski

Managing Director,
ADA in Indonesia

Consumer Insights Explorer

Consumer Insights Explorer gives you direct access to insights on consumer behaviours, preferences, and lifestyles both online and offline. Watch how to leverage data over intuition. Schedule a demo.

Presented by

Pawaris Sae-Lee

Regional Data Enabler, ADA

Digitalisation of Retail

Going digital is essential in helping retailers conquer the ‘New Consumption’. The retail industry during COVID-19 has been a big reset and a force for change where it’s a do or die for many businesses. Take the lead, explore our Retail Business Insights Dashboards and Location Planning tools.

Presented by

Ian Cruddas

Head of Retail,

Presented by

Adrian Tan

Head of Retail,
Business Insighs, ADA

Digitalisation of CPG

The digital consumer now has access to a wider range of products and services. They now demand a new model of value creation from the CPG industry. This holds major opportunities for companies prepared to radically reshape for the digital world—and clear risks for those who fail to.

Presented by

Rashi Goel

Marketing & Consumer Comms,
Nestle India

Presented by

Anurag Gupta

Chief Operating Officer,

Video Analytics and Creation Engine

A social video machine learning analytics tool, coupled with an AI-powered content recommender. Video Analytics and Creation Engine monitor billions of videos daily to provide insights for brands to monitor campaigns and create videos that resonates with target audiences. Schedule a demo.

Presented by

Eileen Khor

Head of Creative Innovation,

Digitalisation of Automotive

The automotive industry is changing rapidly and is moving away from the traditional role of hardware provider. Automotive companies must embrace the role of provider of connected mobility and transportation solutions. Rev up your marketing with our Automotive Business Insights Dashboard.

Presented by

Manisha Seewal

Group CMO,


Yih Cheng

Director, Business Solutions,
ADA in Singapore

Closing – Marketers of the Future

Marketers are now racing to meet the needs of a new era. Does this call for a new type of marketer? One that can find smarter uses of data, starting with consumer insights and working outwards? Marketers that can rethink customer experiences and accelerate e-commerce? Marketers that can move beyond vanity metrics to actionable measurement and attribution?

Presented by

Anna Gong

CEO, PERX Technologies


Gabey Goh

Asia Editor, WARC

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