ADA Solutions: Driving Growth in a Competitive Market

How can Brand B grow under Jakarta’s strict regulations in the transportation market? With slim chances of competing against e-hailing incumbents, Brand B’s only opportunity for expansion was to win routes in and out of Jakarta. ADA found the data necessary for Brand B to go beyond the city limits by answering a simple question – “How do I reach the right people for my service outside of my comfort zone?”

Jakarta is one the most traffic-choked cities in the world, but with a variety of transportation methods it’s hard to compete. Jakartans are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting around with options from the usual train, bus, and taxi to travelling by angkot (a cross between a bus and a taxi), ojek (motorcycle taxi), bajaj (auto-rickshaw), and e-hailing companies.

The only way Brand B could hope to drive growth is to target the 1.38 million that travel to and from Jakarta to surrounding suburbs known as Jabodetabek, which stands for Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi. The long travel distance made this target market ideal for Brand B, but not all were the right customers for their service.


The Solution 

Identifying ideal target segments

Through XACT, our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP) with over 350 million profiles, we could identify the mobility patterns and which areas people come from when they commute to Jakarta.

First, we looked at which suburbs people were travelling to and from Jakarta the most, by going beyond surveys to studying the actual digital footprints of commuters.

A graph of target segmentations on business insights
A graph of mobility patterns on business insight

We then segmented the commuters by their mode of transportation, which would help Brand B identify which competitive mode of transportation they could effectively convert.

The right messaging with enriched persona profiles

The data segments were later complemented with the average distance travelled so that Brand B could identify which commuters used most, based on convenience and comfort.

A graph of business insights on average daily mobility

Next, we further enriched the data segments by cross-referencing income and affluence level of those within an X km radius of potential Brand B pick up points. This allowed Brand B to determine where to target users who could essentially afford their service.

A graph of affluence on business isnights

Location planning

Through this analysis, we were able to provide Brand B with the right formula on how to win routes in and out of Jakarta.

We were able to pinpoint the ideal traveller segment for Brand B and identify the right message for each potential customer with our XACT persona segments.

With thorough data insights, we effectively identified the right pick up points that would provide the highest potential returns, all while keeping media spend at a minimum.


In summary, ADA managed to:

  1. Identify the ideal target segments
  2. Relay the right message with enriched persona profiles
  3. Determine exact spots for pick up points through location planning

XACT, our proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), has over 350 million consumer profiles and more than 200 raw and derived attributes, which enable us to discern actionable insights about Southeast Asian consumers.


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Rozy Laxana

Head of Business Insights

Rozy Laxana

With more than 25 years of experience in Consumer Insights, Data Analytics, and Marketing across South Asia and Southeast Asia, Rozy serves as the Regional Practice Head of Business Insights & Analytics. She leads a team of passionate insight experts to provide data-driven solutions and harness positive business outcomes. Her team of data analysts, data scientists, business consultants, and industry experts work closely to collect invaluable data points, build relevant models, and extract the right consumer insights with the aim of driving better decisions in the corporate world.

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