Problem Statements


Optimising travel experiences through WhatsApp: enhancing communication, booking, and personalised recommendations for travelers

Now that pandemic-induced travel restrictions are finally lifted, the travel and hospitality industry is thriving again.  
However, customer expectations have greatly transformed in the last two years. Travel and hospitality businesses now need to offer differentiated digital experiences to customers across all their touchpoints, including WhatsApp to improve customer engagement and streamline travel-related processes.  
Solution expected:  
Develop & Build A WhatsApp Chatbot that can:

  • Boost sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Streamline travel-related processes through the integration of external systems
  • Deliver differentiated customer experiences 

Transforming healthcare through WhatsApp & AI 

Your mission is to create a transformative solution that leverages WhatsApp's widespread user base and integrates AI technologies to drive positive change in healthcare.  

Shape the future of patient care and healthcare accessibility by leveraging WhatsApp's user base and AI technologies. 

Solution expected:  
Develop & Build A WhatsApp Chatbot that can:
  • Empower patients to seek medical advice
  • Access personalised health information with ease
  • Innovatively automate triage processes using AI algorithms, efficiently categorizing and prioritising patient inquiries to ensure timely responses
  • Enhance overall patient experience 

Enabling Conversational Commerce on WhatsApp 

The New Era of Conversational Commerce Is Here. Demand for conversational commerce is expected to continue to rise, providing consumers with a much more satisfying experience. 

Your mission is to reimagine the way businesses engage with customers, revolutionizing customer support, sales, and overall user experience. With the integration of AI technologies, including chatbots, natural language processing, and data analytics, you have the opportunity to craft intelligent solutions that unlock new dimensions of growth and profitability. 

Solution expected:

Develop & Build A WhatsApp Chatbot that can:

  • Create conversational experiences that drive sales
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Offer personalised product recommendations 

Improving access to quality education and personalised learning experience on WhatsApp 

Your mission in this hackathon is to develop groundbreaking solutions that harness the capabilities of WhatsApp to deliver personalized learning experiences. With a focus on enhancing accessibility and fostering individualized learning paths, your solution should leverage AI algorithms and data analytics to provide tailored educational content, adaptive assessments, and real-time feedback to learners. 

Collaboration is key in this hackathon challenge. Join forces with fellow participants, including developers, designers, and educators, to create interactive and engaging learning platforms on WhatsApp. Explore innovative ways to integrate multimedia resources, facilitate teacher-student interactions, and create a vibrant learning community within the familiar environment of WhatsApp. 

Solution expected:

Develop & Build A WhatsApp Chatbot that can:

  • Create inclusive and personalized learning experiences that transcend traditional classroom boundaries
  • Assist teachers in delivering personalized support to improve access to quality education
  • Monitor learner’s progress
  • Bridge educational gaps and empower learners to achieve their full potential