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The rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI) models like ChatGPT and DALL-E has opened up a world of possibilities,
offering advanced automation capabilities at incredible speed for businesses to integrate AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots for various use cases.
To take the ecosystem to the next level, innovation is necessary.
Ready to turn your bold ideas into reality?
Sign up for ADA's Business Messaging Hackathon today and stand a chance to win prizes worth over USD 27,500!
This hackathon is co-powered by WhatsApp.

The Judges


Global Managing Director, Meta

Karan Khara


Director of Growth Partnerships, Meta

Francis Jose


Country Director, Meta

Nicole Tan


Head of Asia Pacific, GSMA

Julian Gorman


Vice President of Telco Ecosystems APAC

Paul Kim

Januar Wismoyo - Managing Director - CES

Managing Director, Customer Engagement Solutions, ADA

Januar Wismoyo

Untitled design (20)

Head of Business Messaging, ADA

Ramesh Kumareson