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MarTech 2023

Set yourself up for a successful 2023 with smart MarTech investment

Shifting Your Marketing Strategy from Paid to Owned

New Products and Services providers still need to invest a lot in the Media to acquire new users. But if your brand also has a good customer base and your focus is to increase the Customer Lifetime Values (CLV) with your customers, CMO should start shifting the focus to the owned media by leveraging on your past and current customer data, optimizing all touchpoints and using the right personalisation tactics you not just craft a better campaign for your target audiences but also save your spending in a long run.   

The Foundation 

Your brand has multiple business goals, which can be achieved through multiple touchpoints. The data points will be captured via tagging and analyze the conversion path. Issue raises when the tagging process was not done correctly and resulted to customer engagement drops. 

But this can be solved by identifying the point where engagement dropped and devise a remedy to keep the customer going through the conversion funnel by planning several experiments to look for improvement.  

Our Offerings  

We support the one-off and continuous improvement to drive CLV uplifts.

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There are 2 main things you can do this 2023: 

  1. Set up your Google Analytics 4 as soon as possible! You have less than a year to do this before your historical data is deleted. The upgrade will give you more detailed insights for future campaigns optimization and improved users' privacy.

  2. CRM system for enhanced outcomes. Grow customer lifetime value with customer relationship management (CRM). From email, WhatApp, push notification to SMS, we can cater to your specific business needs. Make sure you are using your CRM’s the right way to get the best ROI.  

Why ADA?

ADA has both expertise and experience in deploying a variety of MarTech Solutions. We provide actionable insights that will bring positive impact to your campaign performance and revenue.

We also work with multiple partners to give you the best results by optimizing your tech stack. 

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