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[Blog] Are you ready to upgrade to Google Analytics 4? 

Before July 1, 2023, Google will be replacing Universal Analytics (UA) with its next-generation measurement solution, Google Analytics 4 (GA4). In order for the data captured to remain meaningful and relevant, everyone will have to make the switch.

This blog explores the benefits of transitioning to GA4 and why it’s becoming increasingly important for today’s marketers.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google's next generation of analytics

Google Analytics 4 is designed with marketers and consumers in mind — enhanced privacy, drive sales or app installs, generate leads or connecting online and offline customer engagement.

Here's how GA4 can help:

  • Understand your customers across all touchpoints
  • Improve ROI with data-driven attribution
  • Measure engagement and conversions with business and compliance needs in mind
  • Get greater value from your data
  • Easily activate your insights
  • Address your enterprise measurement needs

Better customer experience
stronger ROI

Contentsquare provides rich and contextual insights into what customers want from your site, how they use it, and how they feel about the experience, from adoption to conversion:

  • Capture UX, performance, product, and content insights across the entire customer journey, at every touchpoint.
  • Understand why customers behave the way they do, measure the quality of the experiences you deliver, and prioritise decision-making based on empathy and on what will drive the greatest impact.
Adobe Analytics

Web analytics for better business intelligence

Adobe Analytics lets you mix, match, and analyse data from any digital touchpoint in the customer journey.

With in-depth analysis, versatile reporting, and predictive intelligence, you can get insightful foundation you need to build better customer experiences.

Adobe Analytics works across emerging digital channels and brings data under one roof so you get real-time insights based on a holistic view of your customer.​

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