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Transform customer experience on popular channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, email, and more to deliver and design using telco data, AI & NLP


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Engage with customers through conversation platforms

End-to-end conversational commerce capabilities: Generate more leads and revenue through better customer engagement powered by AI-driven conversational experiences. Simplify how your customers buy your services and products via chat.  We will help you automate, design, and personalise unique content as well as conversations on messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Line and more with our chatbot builder to promote your array of product and services. 

Advanced AI/NLP Engine: Assist customers with meaningful conversations throughout the buying journey with the help of our best-in-class Natural Language Processing engine 

Multilingual Omnichannel Chatbots: Give customers the convenience of reaching out through their preferred channels & languages. 

Personalise unique content and conversations using WhatsApp API, Line, and more with our chatbot builder

SMS Marketing

Improve customer engagement by reaching your customers via SMS worldwide with our suite of ADA products and partnerships. Run hyperlocal campaigns and reward your customers to boost customer retention.

Business Messaging

Accelerate customer support, reduce operational and support costs by up to 70%, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenue across communication channels. Build stronger customer relationships with better conversations.


Improve customer engagement by reaching to your customers via SMS Marketing and Business Messaging

Authentication & Verification

Improve app security, protect customers, and prevent fraud with SMS and WhatsApp OTP. Make two-factor authentication (2FA) on sign-up, logins, password resets, transaction approvals, and number verifications seamless.

Hassle-free integrations with our APIs

With the WhatsApp Cloud API or ADA’s A2P APIs, integrate your channels or platforms to deliver a more engaging experience on mobile.

Seamless Migration

Switch to ADA for a seamless migration service that ensures the best overall customer experience. Let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on providing engaging integrated campaigns and experiences for your customers.

Connect better with your customers on WhatsApp.

Transform your CX with ADA’s WhatsApp Business Platform. Double agent productivity and increase sales conversions using WhatsApp chatbots. 

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