ADA Digital Shelf Standard Reports

Standard Reports

The standard report is shown on the main menu on the upper left side of the page. It is available to all users, except for users with restriction access.

Data and insights on reports cannot be edited. However, users can customise reports to be displayed.

Learn how to customise reports, click Custom Reports

Users can click on the menu list to view the sub-menu.

Report Includes:


  • Trended Content Score
  • Detailed Content Score

Assortment & Availability 

  • Trended Availability
  • Assortment Details
  • Out of Stock Report

Ratings & Reviews  

  • Product Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • Followers

Price & Promotions 

  • Price Comparison
  • Min/Max Price
  • Detailed Price Search


  • Share Category Shelf
  • Share of Search
  • Market Share/Ranking

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