Customer Acquisition

Invest Sales Resources on High Quality Leads​

Struggling to keep your customer acquisition costs down? Our unique Customer Acquisition model ensures you pay only for leads that convert!

How ADA’s Customer Acquisition Model Works

With a pay-per-outcome pricing model, you get to choose the outcome — loan application, car purchase, app registrations, or whatever works for your business. We help brands de-risk their digital customer acquisition so you don’t have to sweat about going over budget! 

Agree with us on the price you’re willing to pay for the outcome, and watch your customer lifetime value and marketing ROI grow!  


pay only for



Deliverables agreed based on your business objectives

Cost Modelling

Cost-per-acquisition audit to provide a cost-outcome proposal


Acquire customers via multi-channel campaigns on web and app


Audience insights, creative optimisation, & continuous improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

With our Customer Acquisition model, you only need to pay when we deliver an outcome that you want. We help you achieve your sales target without upfront investment fees that may or may not deliver results.

In a Bain & Company study of consumer buying patterns in six Southeast Asian countries, they found that while 47% of consumers decreased offline purchases, 30% increased their online spending. You can’t afford not to invest in digital marketing and online acquisition – that’s where your consumers are. Done well, digital marketing can bring in quality leads that convert and allow sales teams to spend time on high-potential segments. With the rise in competition, you don’t want to waste time and sales resources on bad leads.

It’s a misconception that pipelines have dried up. Our analysis of clients since COVID-19 shows consumers in some industries are still willing to spend. For the banking and insurance industry, demand for credit cards has risen due to the pandemic, while all other areas (insurance, loans, and deposits) were stable. You just have to know where to find these leads!

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Faradi Bachri

Country Director,
ADA In Indonesia

Faradi Bachri

Facing challenges with passion is what Faradi believes in. An expert in digital, Faradi leads ADA’s Indonesia operations. An all-rounder practitioner with experience across multiple facets of digital communication, Faradi is known to have a flair for reviving failing businesses and turn them into success stories.

Prior to ADA, Faradi was the Managing Director at Dentsu Aegis Indonesia where he achieved over 80% growth, making Dentsu Aegis Network Indonesia, the best performing market in the network within Asia Pacific. Prior to Dentsu, Faradi was the General Manager at Tequila Digital (TBWA agency) where he is credited with re-building a dying Tequila digital business from scratch. In a career spanning nearly 15 years, Faradi has won numerous awards across local, regional and global platforms.