About Our Data

We use data to paint a better picture

Powered by more than bits and bytes (though there are plenty of those), we provide insights into who consumers are as individuals and a collective. We use machine learning to extract consumer insights, learn from actual customer digital footprints, and even distil the perfect creative expression. With our unprecedented computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, finally businesses have a way to navigate through the millions of tiny data points created throughout our lives.

ADA is a data and artificial intelligence company that designs and executes integrated digital, analytics, and marketing solutions. Operating across 9 markets in South and Southeast Asia, ADA partners with leading brands to drive their digital and data maturity, and achieve their business goals.

A Sneak Peek at Millennials

Download our report on Millennials to get a sneak peek at what our data can do. 

It’s all about People

At ADA, we use data to paint a better picture of your customer. Find out how we see the real individuals with our data in the videos below.​

Extract Consumer Insights

Our groundbreaking machine learning engine, Consumer Insights Explorer (CIE), gives businesses the ability to make sense and draw insight from all the data points consumers create every day. Built on XACT, our Data Management Platform (DMP), our audience building tool combines online and offline data of over 375 million unique devices. CIE allows businesses to reflect on and learn from the minute digital footprints left behind and make sense of all that data. Try it out for yourself – select a persona below.

Digital Footprints

The world is complex, complicated, messy. Millions of tiny digital footprints map our world every day. So how do we know which footprints represent your consumer?

Our Location Planner is different. It’s not simply GPS tracking, which you can use Google for. With our computing capabilities we seamlessly fuse the online and the offline data of your customers to paint a better picture of who they are and where they are.

We’re doing away with manual methods and guys with clickers. Our Location Planner is not just a heatmap that displays the density of a target audience, in fact it’s so much more than that. Find out more about our Location Planner and never have to second guess yourself again.

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Distill the Perfect Creative Expression

So you’ve explored the consumer mindset and uncovered their location patterns, but what you say to those consumers is that all-important key to conversion. Digital promised the holy grail of understanding consumers at an individual level and communicating to them 1-1. However, the insight and approach has remained fairly basic and homogenous. As media targeting evolves in sophistication, educating brands on a better way on how to reach consumers, decoding what to say to consumers that will trigger an action has remained fairly ancient. We’ve created a tried and proven framework that uncovers the human instinct and speaks to it by using data to shape what is usually a gut-feel process.

All Through the Power of Data

At ADA, we constantly invest into enhancing and expanding our data sources.

But data on its own is just data.

Which is why we have enhanced the hard data and turned it into actionable insights through our data scientists, engineers, industry experts, and management consultants – over 600 of them across South and Southeast Asia.

The number of data signals that we have to process in order to paint accurate pictures of individuals is not something we humans can do. This is where machine learning, predictive modeling, and Big Data analytics come in – our teams use these to build consumer profiles based on real life interests and actions.

By tracking 375 million unique devices across the region using 400,000 unique apps and 28 ad exchanges, we capture a vast pool of anonymous mobile-first data.

This data covers over 200 attributes including information on telco providers, devices, operating systems, apps, and location information. These form our proprietary Data Management Platform, XACT.

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That’s why we’ve managed to bag all these awards for our work.