Case Study

"30 Days of Nescafé" Youth Competition

How Nescafe in Sri Lanka propelled youth’s engagement using an exciting social-based activation.

The Objective


To drive engagement through user generated content in celebration of World Coffee Day.

The Approach

Rather than limiting the celebration of World Coffee Day to just one day, the “30 Days of Nescafe” campaign targeted the youth segment with an exciting social-based activation.

Participants were given 10 coffee-related tasks that had to be completed within a month. To spur the conversation, ADA partnered with influencers to drive more awareness and user generated content such as coffee recipes, preparation methods, and ‘Share a Snap’, where participants shared a photo of their coffee-based creation.

The campaign was executed on Facebook and Instagram via the Nescafé Official Fan Pages. Once a task was announced, participants had 2 days to complete and post their activity. At the end of the campaign, we selected the daily, weekly, and final winners based on the entries received.

The Results

At the end of the one-month long campaign, we achieved:


User Generated Content