Re.Con : Driving Business Impact Through Digital in 2022

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Keynote: Planning for 2022 and Beyond

Adopting agile and ever-evolving strategies will be how businesses move forward from the lessons of the 2021. Explore what it takes to turn 2022 into a strategic opportunity.


Srinivas Gattamneni


Digging for Gold: Harnessing First-Party Data for Growth

To kickstart their digital marketing transformation journey, brands need to look at the data they already own or have access to. Looking at the right sources for data is crucial for brands. But more importantly, how do marketers and brand managers extract actionable insights from it? And ultimately, how do brands use these insights to grow their business?


Sean Valencia

Marketing Strategist, Treasure Data

Yih Cheng Yak

Head of Consulting, ADA

How Petronas Used Intelligent Creatives to Drive Sales and Win Awards

Discover how PETRONAS used data and insights to develop personas and intelligent creatives to drive store visits and eventually win awards!


Khazalin Ghuzal

Head of Retail Strategy and Marketing, PETRONAS

Sarah Yuzaidi

Senior Business Consultant, ADA

Eileen Khor

Head of Creative Innovation, ADA

End-to-end Excellence: Why Brands Need Partners Not Agencies

Marketers are now racing to meet the needs of a new era. Does this call for a new type of marketer? One that can find smarter uses of data, starting with consumer insights and working outwards? Marketers that can rethink customer experiences and accelerate e-commerce? Marketers that can move beyond vanity metrics to actionable measurement and attribution?


Anurag Gupta

Chief Operating Officer, ADA

The Future of Marketing Measurement and App Growth

This session dives into the impact of data privacy policies towards our measurements within the marketing realm. We also talk about how this affects app growth and will be going through a checklist to scale your apps up.


Ronen Mense

President, AppsFlyer

Arfaqul Alam Ribo

Regional Director, Growth Acquisitions, ADA

Mobility Re-imagined: Where Are Your Shoppers in The New Norm

This session dives into the behavioral shifts seen within consumers in the endemic phase. Experts from ADA & Cosmose AI talks about the latest footfall trends, best practices we can learn and adapt within this period ad key takeaways from retailers in Hong Kong and China.  Find out why and how you can have full visibility on data within your organisation, increase collaboration and efficiency among teams and departments, and all work towards a unified growth strategy.


Zoe Cheng

Head of Growth, Cosmose

Wong Chin Chin

Head of Retail, ADA

Turning Singles' Day US$100B Momentum Into a 365-day eCommerce Strategy

The 11.11 shopping phenomena has been giving eCommerce and salers record-breaking sales revenue thanks to an effective strategy rollout on the day itself. Learnings from this one-day sale is key, as it allows brands to address blind spots and and amplify good practices to be implemented throughout the year.  In this session, business leaders from Lazada Group and conglomerate Colgate Palmolive share winning strategies and key takeaways for Singles-Day from a brand, a marketplace platform, and an industry expert for a peek from all perspectives. 


Sara Scrittore

Vice President Customer Development, Asia-Pacific

Moony Li

Executive Vice President, Lazada Marketing Solutions, Lazada Group

The Future of CX Lies In Conversational Chatbots

Customer expectations have changed. With WhatsApp being the preferred messaging app in many countries in Asia, today’s customers expect to be able to engage and contact a business instantaneously. Discover practical use cases on how you can create automated conversational chatbots to build brand loyalty and deliver an excellent customer experience.


Louis Moynihan

Product Business Development, WhatsApp

Ramesh Kumareson

Head of Customer Engagement Solutions, ADA

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